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  1. Price competition in ride-sharing platforms: A duopoly supply chain perspective
  2. ICT-enabled approach for humanitarian disaster management: a systems perspective
  3. Blockchain implementation in pharmaceutical supply chains: A review and conceptual framework
  4. Evidence-driven model for implementing Blockchain in food supply chains
  5. Designing a food supply chain for enhanced social sustainability in developing countries
  6. Designing a sustainable freight transportation network with cross-docks
  7. Visualisation of ripple effect in supply chains under long-term, simultaneous disruptions: a system dynamics approach
  8. Blockchain adoption in food supply chains: a review and implementation framework
  9. An integrated supply chain – human resource management approach for improved supply chain performance
  10. Deceptive counterfeit risk in global supply chains
  11. Post-Brexit back-shoring strategies: what UK manufacturing companies could learn from the past?
  12. Product bundling and advertising strategy for a duopoly supply chain: a power-balance perspective
  13. Modelling the impact of climate change risk on supply chain performance
  14. Mitigating demand risk of durable goods in online retailing
  15. Impact of financial risk on supply chains: a manufacturer-supplier relational perspective
  16. Buyer–supplier collaboration during emerging technology development
  17. Sustainability implementation challenges in food supply chains: a case of UK artisan cheese producers
  18. Social network analysis in operations and supply chain management: a review and revised research agenda
  19. Selecting spare parts suitable for additive manufacturing: a design science approach
  20. The impact of Industry 4.0 implementation on supply chains
  21. A conceptual framework for improving effectiveness of risk management in supply networks
  22. Managing cyber risk in supply chains: a review and research agenda
  23. Modelling supply chain network for procurement of food grains in India
  24. Automotive recall risk: impact of buyer‒supplier relationship on supply chain social sustainability
  25. A supplier performance evaluation framework using single and bi-objective DEA efficiency modelling approach: individual and cross-efficiency perspective
  26. Managing climate change risks in global supply chains: a review and research agenda
  27. An integrated Bayesian–Markovian framework for ascertaining cost of executing quality improvement programs in manufacturing industry
  28. An integrated lean and green approach for improving sustainability performance: a case study of a packaging manufacturing SME in the U.K.
  29. An integrated recommender system for improved accuracy and aggregate diversity
  30. A data mining-based framework for supply chain risk management
  31. Service provider boundaries in competitive markets: the case of the logistics industry
  32. Sustainable procurement performance of large enterprises across supply chain tiers and geographic regions
  33. Bayesian network modelling for supply chain risk propagation
  34. Impact of additive manufacturing on aircraft supply chain performance
  35. Reducing medication errors using LSS Methodology: A systematic literature review and key findings
  36. Lean Six Sigma journey in a UK higher education institute: a case study
  37. Managing channel profit and total surplus in a closed-loop supply chain network
  38. Implementing environmental practices within the Greek dairy supply chain
  39. Supply chain risk assessment approach for process quality risks
  40. Implementation of Lean Six Sigma in Saudi Arabian organisations
  41. Using risk sharing contracts for supply chain risk mitigation: A buyer-supplier power and dependence perspective
  42. Impact of replenishment strategies on supply chain performance under e-shopping scenario
  43. Facility location for a closed-loop distribution network: a hybrid approach
  44. A multiple case study analysis of Six Sigma practices in Indian manufacturing companies
  45. A systems approach for modelling supply chain risks
  46. Supply chain risk management: present and future scope
  47. Systems thinking for modeling risk propagation in supply networks
  48. A framework for managing risks in the aerospace supply chain using systems thinking