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  1. Thyroid surgery in the elderly: a surgical cohort
  2. Posterior retroperitoneal versus transperitoneal laparoscopic adrenalectomy in adults: results from the EUROCRINE® surgical registry
  3. Long-term outcome of surgical techniques for sporadic primary hyperparathyroidism in a tertiary referral center in Belgium
  4. Risk factors for postoperative morbidity after thyroid surgery in a PROSPECTIVE cohort of 1500 patients
  5. Papillary thyroid carcinoma with hobnail features showing rapid progression and therapy resistance
  6. Superior Laryngeal Nerve Signal Attenuation Influences Voice Outcomes in Thyroid Surgery
  7. Ectopic thyroid tissue in lateral cervical lymph nodes: a case report
  8. Recovery of RLN palsy
  9. thyroid malignancy presented as a cystic neck lesion
  10. Risk stratification for thyroid nodules and outcome on thyroid surgery
  11. New type of recording electrodes for intra-operative nerve monitoring during thyroid surgery
  12. Staged thyroidectomy
  13. IONM in thyroid cancer surgery
  14. acute abdominal pain in children due to an unusual hernia
  15. Endoscopic and Robotic approach for primary hyperparathyroidism
  16. thyroidectomy and morbidity with the use of modern techniques
  17. Pheochromocytoma non secreting stress hormones
  18. Minimal invasive colorectal surgery
  19. Radiologic sign of small bowel at the right hypochondrium
  20. Limits of a recent technique to minimize morbidity during thyroid surgery
  21. New electrode for preventing damage to the recurrent laryngeal nerve during thyroid surgery
  22. Residual function of parathyroids after thyroidectomy with two different energy based devices
  23. recurrences of paraganglioma in a great french centre
  24. Parathyroid Localization and Imaging
  25. Imaging in primary hyperparathyroidism
  26. Endoscopic mitral valve surgery
  27. endoscopic mitral valve surgery and mid-time results
  28. stepwise description of the way of mitral valve surgery from sternotomy to endoscopic approach
  29. Pneumothorax and pneumopericard and pneumomediasjinum after illegal drug use
  30. pneumomediasjinum