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  1. Internet of health things-driven deep learning system for detection and classification of cervical cells using transfer learning
  2. Applications in Security and Evasions in Machine Learning: A Survey
  3. A Sequence Number Prediction Based Bait Detection Scheme to Mitigate Sequence Number Attacks in MANETs
  4. Sensitivity Analysis of an Attack-Pattern Discovery Based Trusted Routing Scheme for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks in Industrial IoT
  5. Recent Research on Wireless Body Area Networks: A Survey
  6. Attack-pattern discovery based enhanced trust model for secure routing in mobile ad-hoc networks
  7. Addressing Packet Forwarding Misbehavior with Two Phase Security Scheme for AODV-based MANETs
  8. Various schemes to detect selfishness in wireless ad-hoc networks: A survey
  9. Energy efficient secure routing approaches
  10. A survey oj various approaches to detect selfishness in wireless ad-hoc networks
  11. Packet Forwarding Misbehaviour Isolation using Fuzzy Trust-based Secure Routing in MANET
  12. Detecting Packet Dropping Misbehaving Nodes using Support Vector Machine (SVM) in MANET
  13. Isolating Packet Dropping Misbehavior in VANET using Ant Colony Optimization
  14. A sequence number based bait detection scheme to thwart grayhole attack in mobile ad hoc networks
  15. Packet loss probability in wireless networks: A survey
  16. A Survey on Emulation Testbeds for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
  17. Trust Based Approaches for Secure Routing in VANET: A Survey
  18. Addressing packet dropping misbehavior using metaheuristic approach: A survey
  19. Addressing packet forwarding misbehaviour using trust-based approach in Ad-hoc networks: A survey
  20. Energy Efficient Routing Approaches in Ad hoc Networks: A Survey
  21. Detecting packet dropping nodes using machine learning techniques in Mobile ad-hoc network: A survey
  22. I-EDRI Scheme to Mitigate Grayhole Attack in MANETs
  23. Survey of Various Homomorphic Encryption algorithms and Schemes
  24. Various job scheduling algorithms in cloud computing: A survey
  25. A survey of reactive routing protocols in MANET
  26. Wireless Sensor Network Theoretical Findings and Applications
  27. Comprehensive study of various DoS attacks and defense approaches in MANETs
  28. DoS Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: A Survey
  29. A Novel Approach for GrayHole and BlackHole Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  30. A Novel Solution for Grayhole Attack in AODV Based MANETs