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  1. Design of a high efficiency cross-domain medical image retrieval system using augmented transfer learning
  2. Security Trends in Internet-of-things for Ambient Assistive Living: A Review
  3. Investigation of Machine Learning Models for Human Activity Recognition: A Comparative Study
  4. Identifying Fake Digital Information Using Machine Learning Algorithms: Performance Analysis and Recommendation System
  5. Audio Waveform to Guitar Chord Spectrograms Using Deep Learning
  6. Selfish Node Misbehaviour in Delay Tolerant Network
  7. Improve health standards of elderly in smart environment
  8. Smart Ecosystem for Ambient Assisted Living
  9. A novel hybrid framework for human behaviour modeling in Ambient Assisted Living
  10. Ransomware Solution
  11. Supervised Machine Learning for Activity Recognition
  12. Survey of Human Activity Recognition
  13. Ambient Assisted Living Systems: The Scope of Research and Development
  14. A Trust Based Solution for Detection of Network Layer Attacks in Sensor Networks
  15. Wireless Sensor Network Theoretical Findings and Applications
  16. Comprehensive study of various DoS attacks and defense approaches in MANETs