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  1. Faust III: Peter F. Schmid's sidelong glance at psychotherapy
  2. The relevance of ontology in psychotherapy
  3. Carl Rogers' example of a white therapist interacting with a black African American client
  4. Kafka reading Kierkegaard - what Kierkegaard meant to Kafka
  5. Re-visioning the work of Barbara Brodley and Eugene Gendlin
  6. The influence of Rogers and Gendlin on how we understand psychosis experience
  7. Understanding psychosis from an existential ontological perspective
  8. Rogers and Goldstein redux: the actualizing person responding to trauma and loss
  9. Person-centered social ethics and asylum seekers/refugees
  10. Motivational Interviewing
  11. Carl Rogers and Heidegger
  12. Kafka
  13. Person-centered rehabilitation counselling
  14. Vocational adjustment of persons with spinal cord injuries
  15. Person-centered educational/vocational counseling
  16. Reply to Murphy (2009): The Vocational Focus in Rehabilitation Continues to be Valued
  17. Depression and occupational disability
  18. Gender differences in the perceptions of psychosocial experiences reported by persons with disabilities
  19. A Counselling Framework for Understanding Individual Experiences of Socially Constructed Disability
  20. Client Perspectives and Open-Ended Questions: A Reply to Dean, et al. (2000)
  22. Trends in articles about Australian rehabilitation counselling in the 1990s
  23. The perceptions of persons with disabilities concerning their relationships with service providers
  24. Qualitative Methods in Rehabilitation Research and their Relevance to Rehabilitation Counselling Practice
  25. Community integration, self-esteem, and vocational identity among persons with disabilities
  26. Personal Responses to Traumatic Brain Injury: A Qualitative Study
  27. Psychological adjustment to spinal cord injury
  28. Awareness of Deficit After Traumatic Brain Injury: A Literature Review
  29. Consumer Participation in Rehabilitation: An Unresolved Issue
  30. Most frequently cited rehabilitation psychology literature up to 1987