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  1. Fintech – stick or carrot – in innovating and transforming a financial ecosystem: toward a typology of comfort zoning
  2. The Palgrave Handbook of Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Entrepreneurship
  3. Sociology of Knowledge Perspective on Entrepreneurship
  4. Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on Entrepreneurship
  5. Have we made it? Investigating value-creating strategies in early internationalizing ventures
  6. Creation and legitimation of new sectors
  7. The Challenge of University Autonomy
  8. University Internationalization and University Autonomy: Toward a Theoretical Understanding
  9. (Re)Discovering University Autonomy
  10. (Re)Discovering University Autonomy
  11. What happens to international new ventures beyond start-up: An exploratory study
  12. Financial, Housing and Tech bubbles - Toward a framework
  13. Epilogue
  14. Bubble Troubles
  15. Temporal and Contextual Boundarie
  16. Bubbles: Trouble or Tamable?
  17. Bubble Emergence: Toward a Model
  18. Hype, Hope, and Bubbles
  19. Core Building Blocks
  20. Typology of Bubbles
  21. Toward a Grand Theory of Bubbles
  22. Legitimation of International New Ventures
  23. Bubbles: More Frequent and Dangerous... What Can Be Done?
  24. The Philosophy of Turning Points: A Case of De-Internationalization
  25. External legitimation in international new ventures: Toward typology of captivity
  26. The Emergence of an International New Software Venture from an Emerging Economy
  27. A systematic literature review of legitimation strategies
  28. Theory of international new venture survivability
  29. Mitigating theoretical and coverage biases in the design of theory-building research: an example from international entrepreneurship
  30. Entrepreneur–venture capitalist relationships: mitigating post-investment dyadic tensions
  31. Book Review: Entrepreneurship Research in Europe: Outcomes and Perspectives
  32. Book Review: SMEs in the Age of Globalization
  33. De-Internationalization and the Small Firm
  34. Building Grounded Theory in Entrepreneurship Research
  35. Instant Internationalization of Emerging Economy New Ventures