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  1. Arctic transshipment hub planning along the Northern Sea Route: A systematic literature review and policy implications of Arctic port infrastructure
  2. Socio-technical imaginaries of a circular economy in governmental discourse and among science, technology, and innovation actors: A Norwegian case study
  3. Integrating Problem-based Learning with International Internships in Business Education
  4. Review of: "Open Innovation in Response to Covid 19 :A case study of the Open Source Ventilator Ireland Project"
  5. Problem-based learning to integrate entrepreneurship in sustainability education
  6. Science and Technology Parks as Innovation Intermediaries for Green Innovation
  7. Multinational companies’ roles in start-up incubation ecosystems: The case of Microsoft Innovation Centers in Brazil
  8. Contingencies of Circular Economy: Discourse Hegemony and Institutionalization in Norway
  9. Commonalities between sustainability and entrepreneurship education
  10. Challenges of creating and capturing value in open eco-innovation: Evidence from the maritime industry in Denmark
  11. Problem-based learning to integrate entrepreneurship in sustainability education
  12. Eco-certification schemes in shipping
  13. Eco-Innovation Drivers in Value-Creating Networks: A Case Study of Ship Retrofitting Services
  14. Drivers of eco-innovation in shipping- the case of the North Sea SECA
  15. Drivers for environmental technologies selection in the shipping industry: a case study of the North European Sulphur Emission Control Area
  16. Partnerships for cleaner shipping
  17. The function of intermediaries in collaborative innovation processes: retrofitting a Danish small island ferry with green technology
  18. Green Retrofit of Small Vessels
  19. Ballast water treatment systems: innovating business models
  20. Challenges of local water governance: the extent, nature and intensity of local water-related conflict and cooperation