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  1. Creating the English Grammar Tenses Pattern Using Regular Expression Method
  2. The Cryptocurrency Simulation using Elliptic Curve Cryptography Algorithm in Mining Process from Normal, Failed, and Fake Bitcoin Transactions
  3. Cross-Project Defect Prediction For Web Application Using Naive Bayes (Case Study: Petstore Web Application)
  4. A study on pre-processing methods for copy-move forgery detection based on SIFT
  5. WatsaQ: Repository of Al hadith in Bahasa (Case study: Hadith Bukhari)
  6. Analysis of statement branch and loop coverage in software testing with genetic algorithm
  7. Analysis of travel time computation accuracy from Crowdsource data of hospitality application in South of Tangerang City with estimated travel time method
  8. Comparative analysis of business process litigation using queue theory and simulation (case study: Religious courts of South Jakarta)
  9. Implementation of a modern security systems honeypot Honey Network on wireless networks
  10. Cloud Based Drive Forensic and DDoS Analysis on Seafile as Case Study
  11. Comparison of methods for localizing the source position of deauthentication attacks on WAP 802.11n using Chanalyzer and Wi-Spy 2.4x
  12. Cost-benefits, NPV, IRR and QoS analysis of the dynamic telecytology system in Indonesia
  13. Empirical approach of ad hoc path loss propagation model in realistic forest environments
  14. Energy efficiency and loss of transmission data on Wireless Sensor Network with obstacle
  15. Techno economic approach of spectrum sharing between radar bands and LTE cellular system
  16. A preliminary study: Implementation and QoS analysis of dynamic telecytology system on broadband and 3G/4G network in Indonesia
  17. Building a Private Cloud Computing and the analysis against DoS (Denial of Service) attacks: Case study at SMKN 6 Jakarta
  18. Naive Bayes classifier algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization for classification of cross selling (Case study: PT TELKOM Jakarta)
  19. Relationship between compressed image quality and Quality of Experience for wireless file sharing
  20. Transmission of Real-time Video Signal with Interference Density and Human Traffic
  21. Analysis of interference from wireless traffic light controller upon remote keyless entry for vehicles
  22. Comparative analysis of LLQ traffic scheduler to FIFO and CBWFQ on IP phone-based applications (VoIP) using Opnet (Riverbed)
  23. Open data strategy for enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of fishery SMEs in Indonesia
  24. Performance analysis of iSCSI target in wireless LAN using standard LIO
  25. Implementation of physics simulation in serious game
  26. Analysis of image similarity with CBIR concept using wavelet transform and threshold algorithm
  27. Preliminary research on e-government development overview: An assessment on e-Government capabilities in Indonesia
  28. Performance analysis of VoIP client with integrated encryption module
  29. Applying Merging Convetional Marker and Backpropagation Neural Network in QR Code Augmented Reality Tracking
  30. Exploring the influential antecedents of actual use of internet banking services in Indonesia