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  1. Model Development and Instrument Testing for Assessing Mobile Learning System performance
  2. Image segmentation using the Otsu method in Dental X-rays
  3. Funding eligibility decision support system using fuzzy logic Tsukamoto: (Case: BMT XYZ)
  4. WatsaQ: Repository of Al hadith in Bahasa (Case study: Hadith Bukhari)
  5. Analysis of statement branch and loop coverage in software testing with genetic algorithm
  6. Development of a retrieval system for Al Hadith in Bahasa (case study: Hadith Bukhari)
  7. Implementation of a modern security systems honeypot Honey Network on wireless networks
  8. Analysis of the Readiness of e-Government Implementation at the Ministerial Level of the Republic of Indonesia
  9. Comparative Analysis of the Accuracy of Backpropagation and Learning Vector Quantisation for Pattern Recognition of Hijaiyah Letters
  10. Application of the Naive Bayes Method to a Decision Support System to Provide Discounts (Case Study: PT. Bina Usaha Teknik)
  11. Performance evaluation of routing protocols RIPng, OSPFv3, and EIGRP in an IPv6 network
  12. Generating weighted vector for concepts in indonesian translation of Quran
  14. Big Data, Cloud and Bring Your Own Device: How the Data Protection Law Addresses the Impact of “Datafication”
  15. Application of neural networks in early detection and diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
  16. Mobile based development of a voter information management system (sipendalih) for the 2014 Indonesian presidential election: Case of Indonesian voters in Malaysia
  17. Voter information management system (Sipendalih) effectiveness for 2014 Indonesian general election: Case of Indonesian voters in Malaysia
  18. A Cryptographic One-to-Many Reversible Mapping and Its Applications
  19. Analysis of image similarity with CBIR concept using wavelet transform and threshold algorithm
  20. Collision probability of one-to-many reversible mapping for IPv6 address generation
  21. Generation of IPv6 Addresses Based on One-to-Many Reversible Mapping Using AES
  22. Generation of cryptographic one-to-many mapping IPv6 address using S-AES
  23. Implementation of IPv6 address generation mechanism for enterprise wireless local area network in open source DHCPv6