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  1. Retrospective Case–Control Study of Communication and Motor Abilities in 143 Children With Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Effect of Concomitant Diagnosis
  2. Oral and Laryngeal Diadochokinesis Across the Life Span: A Scoping Review of Methods, Reference Data, and Clinical Applications
  3. Developmental Functional Modules in Infant Vocalizations
  4. Auditory-Perceptual Features of Speech in Children and Adults With Down Syndrome: A Speech Profile Analysis
  5. What Acoustic Studies Tell Us About Vowels in Developing and Disordered Speech
  6. Vowel Acoustics and Speech Intelligibility in Young Adults With Down Syndrome
  7. In Memoriam – Ronald W. Netsell (1938–2019)
  8. Erratum
  9. Auditory-Perceptual Assessment of Fluency
  10. Dysarthria in Mandarin-Speaking Children With Cerebral Palsy: Speech Subsystem Profiles
  11. Single-Word Speech Intelligibility in Children and Adults With Down Syndrome
  12. Optimizing Vowel Formant Measurements in Four Acoustic Analysis Systems for Diverse Speaker Groups
  13. Nonspeech Oral Movements and Oral Motor Disorders: A Narrative Review
  14. Quantitative and Descriptive Comparison of Four Acoustic Analysis Systems: Vowel Measurements
  15. Speech Impairment in Down Syndrome: A Review
  16. Developmental Sexual Dimorphism of the Oral and Pharyngeal Portions of the Vocal Tract: An Imaging Study
  17. An Acoustic Study of the Relationships Among Neurologic Disease, Dysarthria Type, and Severity of Dysarthria
  18. Intelligibility in Speech Disorders