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  1. Effects of Speech Cues on Acoustics and Intelligibility of Korean-Speaking Children With Cerebral Palsy
  2. How to ensure that more children with repaired cleft palates receive quality speech therapy
  3. Revisiting Dysarthria Treatment Across Languages: The Hybrid Approach
  4. Acoustic Predictors of Ease of Understanding in Spanish Speakers With Dysarthria Associated With Parkinson's Disease
  5. The Effects of Intensive Voice Treatment in Mandarin Speakers With Parkinson's Disease: Acoustic and Perceptual Findings
  6. Perceptual and Acoustic Effects of Dual-Focus Speech Treatment in Children With Dysarthria
  7. Speech Treatment Effects on Narrative Intelligibility in French-Speaking Children With Dysarthria
  8. Perception of American English consonants /v/ and /w/ by Hindi speakers of English
  9. Vowel Acoustics and Speech Intelligibility in Young Adults With Down Syndrome
  10. Acoustic and Perceptual Consequences of Speech Cues for Mandarin Speakers With Parkinson's Disease
  11. Parkinson’s disease-associated dysarthria: prevalence, impact and management strategies
  12. The Effects of Intensive Speech Treatment on Conversational Intelligibility in Spanish Speakers With Parkinson's Disease
  13. Vowel Intelligibility in Children With and Without Dysarthria
  14. Children's Perception of Conversational and Clear American-English Vowels in Noise