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  1. An Efficient Hash-Based Assessment and Recovery Algorithm for Distributed Healthcare Systems
  2. An Effective Hash-Based Assessment and Recovery Algorithm for Healthcare Systems
  3. A Parallelized Database Damage Assessment Approach after Cyberattack for Healthcare Systems
  4. A User-Centric Mechanism for Sequentially Releasing Graph Datasets under Blowfish Privacy
  5. Information reconciliation through an agent-controlled graph model
  6. Indexing Arabic texts using association rule data mining
  7. Associating learning technology to sustain the environment through green mobile applications
  8. A Survey of the Knapsack Problem
  9. Axes-Based Encryption Key
  10. Scrambled prime key encryption
  11. Recovery of business intelligence systems: Towards guaranteed continuity of patient centric healthcare systems through a matrix-based recovery approach
  12. Software process models: a review and analysis
  13. Metaheuristic Algorithm for State-Based Software Testing
  14. Salivary biomarkers for the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological diseases
  15. (k, l)-Clustering for Transactional Data Streams Anonymization
  16. Genetic Algorithm Analysis using the Graph Coloring Method for Solving the University Timetable Problem
  17. A Recommended Replacement Algorithm for the Scalable Asynchronous Cache Consistency Scheme
  18. Effectiveness of Pre-Surgery Video in Reducing Anxiety in Daystay Surgical Patients
  19. Design and in-situ evaluation of a mixed-initiative approach to information organization
  20. Transaction Dependency Based Approach for Database Damage Assessment Using a Matrix
  21. A Systematic Review of Anonymous Communication Systems
  22. Designing for Advanced Personalization in Personal Task Management
  23. Regression Test Cases Prioritization Using Clustering and Code Change Relevance
  24. Information warfare: a lightweight matrix-based approach for database recovery
  25. How personal task management differs across individuals
  26. Innovative Mobile E-Healthcare Systems: A New Rule-Based Cache Replacement Strategy Using Least Profit Values
  27. Information Warfare: Fighting Back Through the Matrix
  28. A collaborative-based approach for avoiding traffic analysis and assuring data integrity in anonymous systems
  29. A comparative study of mobile database transaction models
  30. Data damage assessment and recovery algorithm from malicious attacks in healthcare data sharing systems
  31. Semantics-based approach for detecting flaws, conflicts and redundancies in XACML policies
  32. The NetCamo Data Communication System
  33. Anonymizing multimedia documents
  34. Improving the Efficiency of Transparent Antenna Using Gold Nano Layer Deposition
  35. An Enhanced k-Means Clustering Algorithm for Pattern Discovery in Healthcare Data
  36. Tracking and Repairing Damaged Healthcare Databases Using the Matrix
  37. Opportunistic medium access in multi-session networks based on cooperative ARQ
  38. The TOR data communication system
  39. Assuring consistency in mixed models
  40. A matrix-based damage assessment and recovery algorithm
  41. The TOR data communication system: A survey
  42. MOP
  43. Relational Database Design Patterns
  44. Role-Based Access Control modeling and validation
  45. Rift Valley Fever
  46. de-linkability
  47. Modeling and Validating the Clinical Information Systems Policy Using Alloy
  48. Rule-Based Data Mining Cache Replacement Strategy
  49. UPP+: A Flexible User Privacy Policy for Social Networking Services
  50. Novel compact UWB antenna with reconfigurable dual-band notches using pin diode switches actuated without λg/4 DC bias lines
  51. A Novel Compact Ultra-Wideband Dual-Notch Microstrip Antenna
  52. A Simple Relativity Theory of Everything
  53. A Simple Theory of the Universe
  54. MI: An Information Support System for Decision Makers
  55. Candelabra shaped microstrip antenna for ultra-wideband applications
  56. A Comparative Study of Software Engineering Process Models for Middle East Airlines
  57. Smart container loading
  58. Directed Graph Representation and Traversal in Relational Databases
  59. Novel compact semi annular polygons ultra-wideband microstrip antenna
  60. An Enhanced Quorum Selection Algorithm
  62. Bit-level locking for concurrency control
  63. Bind but Dynamic Technique
  64. An auto-indexing method for Arabic text
  65. An Improved Quorum Selection Algorithm
  66. Multigrid solvers in reconfigurable hardware
  67. Reconfigurable Hardware Implementation of the Successive Overrelaxation Method
  68. Special track on Database Theory, Technology, and Applications
  69. Kernelized Database Systems Security
  70. Security Issues in Distributed Transaction Processing Systems
  71. Frequency Domain Face Recognition
  72. BIRP: Bank intra routing protocol
  73. CASRA+: A Colloquial Arabic Speech Recognition Application
  74. SDDSR: Sequence Driven Dynamic Source Routing for Ad Hoc Networks
  75. A Comparative Study of Elgamal Based Digital Signature Algorithms
  76. Improving the Secure Socket Layer Protocol by modifying its Authentication function
  77. Towards a Temporal Multilevel Secure Database (TMSDB)
  78. A Comparative Study of RSA Based Digital Signature Algorithms
  79. Dyspnea and Confusion (Pulmonary Embolism)
  80. Editorial message
  81. Abjad Hawwaz: An Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition System
  82. Abjad Hawwaz: An Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition System
  83. Editorial message
  84. ElGamal Public-Key cryptosystem in multiplicative groups of quotient rings of polynomials over finite fields
  85. Kernelized Database Systems Security
  86. Editorial message
  87. Database technology
  88. Regression Testing of Database Applications
  89. Database and digital library technologies
  90. Iterative querying in web-based database applications
  91. Causes of Poverty Questionnaire
  92. Regression testing of database applications
  93. The Universality of Physics
  94. Database technology (track introduction only)
  95. Distributed query optimization using PERF joins
  96. Software metrics for small database applications
  97. C2 secure database management systems---a comparative study
  98. Amphotericin B
  99. Developments in flexible working practices in the Republic of Ireland
  100. Secure transaction management and query processing in multilevel secure database systems
  102. Attacking ElGamal based cryptographic algorithms using pollard's rho algorithm
  103. TREX: A temporal reference extractor for arabic texts
  104. A neuro-heuristic approach for segmenting handwritten Arabic text
  105. ADD: Arabic duplicate detector - a duplicate detection data cleansing tool
  106. Neuro-classification for handwritten Arabic text
  107. Regression Test Selection for Database Applications
  108. Regression Test Selection for Database Applications
  109. Regression Test Selection for Database Applications