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  1. Religious Tourism Scholarship
  2. Sir Chhotu Ram: writings and speeches
  3. A comprehensive bibliometric analysis and visualization of smart home research
  4. Scholarly Research of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management: A Comprehensive Bibliometric Analysis
  5. A Bibliometric Analysis of First 45 Years of Journal of Management
  6. Scholarly Research in Food Security: A Bibliometric Analysis of Global Food Security
  7. A Bibliometric Overview and Visualization of Fuzzy Sets and Systems between 2000 and 2018
  8. Economic Violence Against Women
  9. Managing Quality of Cereal Grains
  10. Muslim Women in India
  11. Are regional crime rates in India natural?
  12. Energy Efficiency in India's Iron and Steel Industry: A Firm-level Data Envelopment Analysis
  13. Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth
  14. Research Contribution of Indian Universities: A Web of Science Database Based Study of Universities in Haryana
  15. Is demonetisation a demon for Indian tourism industry?
  16. The relationship between tourism, financial development and economic growth in India
  17. Renewable and nonrenewable energy consumption and economic growth
  18. Dairy Economy of India
  19. Rural Transformation in India
  20. Generalizations of Fuzzy Information Measures
  21. Fundamentals of Fuzzy Information Measures
  22. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Exponential Divergence and Multi-attribute Decision-Making
  23. Generalized Hellinger’s Fuzzy Divergence Measure and Its Applications
  24. Applications of Generalized Fuzzy Divergence Measure in Multi-criteria Decision-Making and Pattern RecognitionPattern Recognition
  25. Parametric Generalized R-norm Fuzzy Information and Divergence Measures
  26. Parametric Generalized Exponential Fuzzy Divergence Measure and Strategic Decision-Making
  27. Sequence and Application of Inequalities Among Fuzzy Mean Difference Divergence Measures in Pattern Recognition
  28. Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in India
  29. Book Review: Ramphul Ohlan, Globalization and Dairy IndustryOhlanRamphul, Globalization and Dairy Industry. New Delhi: Studium Press India Pvt. Ltd, 2014, ISBN-10: 9380012667, ISBN-13: 978-9380012667.
  30. The impact of population density, energy consumption, economic growth and trade openness on CO2 emissions in India
  31. Growth and instability in dairy production and trade: a global analysis
  32. Pattern of Regional Disparities in Socio-economic Development in India: District Level Analysis
  33. World Dairy Trade
  34. WTO Agreement on Agriculture and South Asia’s Farm Trade
  35. Liberalization of Wheat: Production, Prices and Trade
  36. India's Comparative Advantage in Farm Trade in the Emerging Trade Order
  37. India's Comparative Advantage in Farm Trade In The Emerging Trade Order
  38. Performance and Suitability of Growing Crops in Haryana: District-Level Analysis
  39. Liberalization of Wheat: Production, Prices and Trade
  40. WTO and Sri Lankaas Farm Trade
  41. Competitiveness and Trade Performance of India's Dairy Industry
  42. Global Competitiveness in Dairy Sector
  43. ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement in Goods: An Assessment
  44. Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in India