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  1. A GIS-Based Method for Identification of Wide Area Rooftop Suitability for Minimum Size PV Systems Using LiDAR Data and Photogrammetry
  2. A GIS-Based Method for Identification of Wide area Rooftop Suitability for Minimum Size PV Systems Using LiDAR Data and Photogrammetry
  3. Electroluminescence Imaging of PV Devices: Advanced Vignetting Calibration
  4. The future scope of large-scale solar in the UK: Site suitability and target analysis
  5. Centralized Volt-Var Optimization Strategy Considering Malicious Attack on Distributed Energy Resources Control
  6. Effect of viscoelasticity of ethylene vinyl acetate encapsulants on photovoltaic module solder joint degradation due to thermomechanical fatigue
  7. Impact of Component Reliability on Large Scale Photovoltaic Systems’ Performance
  8. Satellite or ground-based measurements for production of site specific hourly irradiance data: Which is most accurate and where?
  9. Results of the round robin calibration of reference solar cells within the PhotoClass project
  10. Centralized Volt–Var Optimization Strategy Considering Malicious Attack on Distributed Energy Resources Control
  11. Influence of Viscoelastic Properties of Encapsulation Materials on the Thermomechanical Behavior of Photovoltaic Modules
  12. Realistic Adhesion Test for Photovoltaic Modules Qualification
  13. Spectral Response Measurements of Perovskite Solar Cells
  14. Extensive validation of CM SAF surface radiation products over Europe
  15. The UK Solar Farm Fleet: A Challenge for the National Grid? †
  16. Compressed sensing current mapping methods for PV characterisation
  17. Electroluminescence imaging of PV devices: Camera calibration and image correction
  18. Inference of missing PV monitoring data using neural networks
  19. Optimising I-V measurements of high capacitance modules using dark impedance measurements
  20. Compensation of Temporal Averaging Bias in Solar Irradiance Data
  21. Impact of co-location of UK solar farms on output
  22. Guest Editorial
  23. Compressed Sensing Current Mapping Spatial Characterization of Photovoltaic Devices
  24. Performance and durability of broadband antireflection coatings for thin film CdTe solar cells
  25. Spectral irradiance effects on the outdoor performance of photovoltaic modules
  26. Interpolating and Estimating Horizontal Diffuse Solar Irradiation to Provide UK-Wide Coverage: Selection of the Best Performing Models
  27. Uncertainty Estimation of Temperature Coefficient Measurements of PV Modules
  28. Cross-Characterization for Imaging Parasitic Resistive Losses in Thin-Film Photovoltaic Modules
  29. Compressive Current Response Mapping of Photovoltaic Devices Using MEMS Mirror Arrays
  30. Optical technique for photovoltaic spatial current response measurements using compressive sensing and random binary projections
  31. Changes of solar cell parameters during damp-heat exposure
  32. Inference of missing PV monitoring data using neural networks
  33. Compressed sensing current mapping methods for PV characterisation
  34. Electroluminescence imaging of PV devices: Camera calibration and image correction
  35. Optimising I-V measurements of high capacitance modules using dark impedance measurements
  36. Inference of missing data in photovoltaic monitoring datasets
  37. Roof Tilt for PV
  38. Adhesion requirements for photovoltaic modules of polymeric encapsulation
  39. Guest Editorial
  40. Improved Model for Circumsolar Irradiance Calculation as an Extended Light Source and Spectral Implications for High-Concentration Photovoltaic Devices
  41. Effect of seasonal spectral variations on performance of three different photovoltaic technologies in India
  42. Towards modelling realistic ageing rates of amorphous silicon devices in operational environment
  43. Spatially and spectrally resolved electroluminescence measurement system for photovoltaic characterisation
  44. Optical modelling for concentrating photovoltaic systems: insolation transfer variations with solar source descriptions
  45. Multi-domain analysis of photovoltaic impacts via integrated spatial and probabilistic modelling
  46. Energy yields of small grid connected photovoltaic system: effects of component reliability and maintenance
  47. Guest Editorial
  48. Large scale PV systems under non-uniform and fault conditions
  49. Electroluminescence Imaging of PV devices: Determining the image quality
  50. Accelerated Spatially Resolved Electrical Simulation of Photovoltaic Devices Using Photovoltaic-Oriented Nodal Analysis
  51. Irradiance modelling for individual cells of shaded solar photovoltaic arrays
  52. Open access notice for the paper ‘Determining Spectral Response of a Photovoltaic Device using Polychromatic Filters’
  53. Distributed electrical network modelling approach for spatially resolved characterisation of photovoltaic modules
  54. Determining spectral response of a photovoltaic device using polychromatic filters
  55. Guest Editorial
  56. Fast electrical modeling for spatially-resolved characterization of amorphous silicon photovoltaic cells
  57. Degradation of interfacial adhesion strength within photovoltaic mini-modules during damp-heat exposure
  58. Influences on the energy delivery of thin film photovoltaic modules
  59. Modeling spatial electrical properties in photovoltaic modules using PV-oriented nodal analysis
  60. Data sets for energy rating of photovoltaic modules
  61. Potential for LED solar simulators
  62. Modeling A-Si module ageing using the concept of environmental dose
  63. Spatially-resolved modelling of dust effect on cadmium telluride photovoltaic modules
  64. Accuracy of Energy Yield Prediction of Photovoltaic Modules
  65. Accuracy of Energy Yield Prediction of Photovoltaic Modules
  66. Dust-induced shading on photovoltaic modules
  67. Soiling correction model for long term energy prediction in photovoltaic modules
  68. Solar Profiles and Spectral Modeling for CPV Simulations
  69. Performance Monitoring
  70. Limited laser beam induced current measurements: a tool for analysing integrated photovoltaic modules
  71. Solar profiles and spectral modelling for CPV simulations
  72. Effect of shading caused by dust on Cadmium Telluride photovoltaic modules
  73. Analysis of key performance parameter extraction from current voltage measurements of photovoltaic devices
  74. Effects of spectrum on the power rating of amorphous silicon photovoltaic devices
  75. Effect of loading on long term performance of single junction amorphous silicon modules
  76. Optimised inverter sizing for photovoltaic systems in high-latitude maritime climates
  77. Spatially distributed model for the analysis of laser beam induced current (LBIC) measurements of thin film silicon solar modules
  78. Voltage-dependent quantum efficiency measurements of amorphous silicon multi-junction mini-modules
  79. Indoor measurement of photovoltaic device characteristics at varying irradiance, temperature and spectrum for energy rating
  80. Performance characterisation of photovoltaic modules
  81. Performance measurements at varying irradiance spectrum, intensity and module temperature of amorphous silicon solar cells
  82. Large scale PV system monitoring - modules technology intercomparison
  83. Mapping the performance of PV modules, effects of module type and data averaging
  84. Equilibrium thermal characteristics of a building integrated photovoltaic tiled roof
  85. Outlier identification in outdoor measurement data - effects of different strategies on the performance descriptors of photovoltaic modules
  86. Electrical mismatch within single junction amorphous silicon and micromorph tandem thin film PV modules
  87. The spectral variation effects on energy yield of optimized multi-junction solar cell
  88. Large scale evaluation of photovoltaic technologies in different climates
  89. Uncertainty in Photovoltaic performance parameters – dependence on location and material
  90. Multi-laser LBIC system for thin film PV module characterisation
  91. An LED-based photovoltaic measurement system with variable spectrum and flash speed
  92. Advantages in using LEDs as the main light source in solar simulators for measuring PV device characteristics
  93. Effect of module degradation on inverter sizing
  94. Applying modern informatics technologies to monitoring photovoltaic (PV) modules and systems
  95. Modeling the effect of varying spectra on multi junction A-SI solar cells
  96. Long-Term Performance of Amorphous Photovoltaic Modules
  97. The Effects of Solar Cell Capacitance on Calibration Accuracy When using a Flash Simulator
  98. Accuracy of Energy Prediction Methodologies
  99. Photovoltaic Performance Measurements in Europe: PV-Catapult Round Robin Tests
  100. The effect of spectral variations on the performance parameters of single and double junction amorphous silicon solar cells
  101. A critical appraisal of the factors affecting energy production from amorphous silicon photovoltaic arrays in a maritime climate
  102. Effect of shading on amorphous silicon single and double junction photovoltaic modules
  103. On the importance of considering the incident spectrum when measuring the outdoor performance of amorphous silicon photovoltaic devices
  104. Spectral dependence of amorphous silicon photovoltaic device performance
  105. Effects on photovoltaic solar module performance in the UK climate
  106. Experimental study of variations of the solar spectrum of relevance to thin film solar cells
  107. Investigation of the Back Contact of CDTE Solar Cells
  108. The influence of the measurement environment on the accuracy of the extraction of the physical parameters of solar cells
  109. Parametrisation of thin film solar cells
  110. Syracuse - a multi-junction concentrator system computer model
  111. Seasonal performance of a-Si single- and multijunction modules in two locations
  112. Actual PV module performance including spectral losses in the UK
  113. Modelling spectral irradiation effects on single- and multijunction amorphous silicon photovoltaic devices
  114. Experimental investigation of spectral effects on amorphous silicon solar cells in outdoor operation
  115. Optical filtering of solar radiation to increase performance of concentrator systems