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  1. Transcendental Bernstein Series: Interpolation and Approximation
  2. From Abel Continuity Theorem to Paley-Wiener Theorem
  3. Certain Saigo Fractional Derivatives of Extended Hypergeometric Functions
  4. Advances in Special Functions of Fractional Calculus: Special Functions in Fractional Calculus and Their Applications in Engineering
  5. On family of the Caputo-type fractional numerical scheme for solving polynomial equations
  6. Problem on piecewise Caputo-Fabrizio fractional delay differential equation under anti-periodic boundary conditions
  7. Certain saigo type fractional integral inequalities and their q-analogues
  8. Analysis of COVID-19 outbreak using GIS and SEIR model
  9. Contributors
  10. Derivatives of Horn's hypergeometric functions G1, ...
  11. On basic Humbert confluent hypergeometric functions
  12. Operational matrix approach for solving variable-order fractional integro-differential equations
  13. Preface
  14. Numerical method for solving two‐dimensional of the space and space–time fractional coupled reaction‐diffusion equations
  15. Highly efficient numerical scheme for solving fuzzy system of linear and non-linear equations with application in differential equations
  16. Efficient iterative scheme for solving non-linear equations with engineering applications
  17. An approximate analytical view of physical and biological models in the setting of Caputo operator via Elzaki transform decomposition method
  18. Approximating system of ordinary differential-algebraic equations via derivative of Legendre polynomials operational matrices
  19. Atangana–Baleanu derivative-based fractional model of COVID-19 dynamics in Ethiopia
  20. On a new generalized local fractal derivative operator
  21. The Exponential Decay Functions for Prey and Predator Species in a Fractional-Order Ecosystem Model with Considering Global Warming Phenomena
  22. Uncertainty-based Gompertz growth model for tumor population and its numerical analysis
  23. Extension of the Tricomi problem for a loaded parabolic–hyperbolic equation with a characteristic line of change of type
  24. On a pair of fuzzy dominated mappings on closed ball in the multiplicative metric space with applications
  25. Flow Modeling in a Vortex Chamber of a Liquid–Steam Jet Apparatus
  26. Cauchy problem for a parabolic–hyperbolic equation with non‐characteristic line of type changing
  27. Fractional Hypergeometric Functions
  28. Modeling the SARS-CoV-2 parallel transmission dynamics: Asymptomatic and symptomatic pathways
  29. Numerical treatments of the nonlinear coupled time‐fractional Schrödinger equations
  30. Extended Beta and Gamma Matrix Functions via 2-Parameter Mittag-Leffler Matrix Function
  31. Generalized Fractional Integrals Involving Product of a Generalized Mittag–Leffler Function and Two H-Functions
  32. Optimal Solution of a Fractional HIV/AIDS Epidemic Mathematical Model
  33. On Fractional Lyapunov Functions of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Mittag-Leffler Stability Thereof
  34. Post-Quantum Chebyshev-Type Integral Inequalities for Synchronous Functions
  35. Post-Quantum Midpoint-Type Inequalities Associated with Twice-Differentiable Functions
  36. Cauchy problem for a high‐order loaded integro‐differential equation
  37. A study of some new multivalued fixed point results in a modular like metric space with graph
  38. Generalized fractal Jensen and Jensen–Mercer inequalities for harmonic convex function with applications
  39. Computational Approach via Half-Sweep and Preconditioned AOR for Fractional Diffusion
  40. Fractional order modeling and analysis of dynamics of stem cell differentiation in complex network
  41. Mathematical modelling of COVID-19 disease dynamics: Interaction between immune system and SARS-CoV-2 within host
  42. Thermogram Adaptive Efficient Model for Breast Cancer Detection Using Fractional Derivative Mask and Hybrid Feature Set in the IoT Environment
  43. A study of generalized hypergeometric Matrix functions via two-parameter Mittag–Leffler matrix function
  44. A fractional‐order mathematical model for analyzing the pandemic trend of COVID‐19
  45. Global existence and decay of solutions for a system of viscoelastic wave equations of Kirchhoff type with logarithmic nonlinearity
  46. Series Representations for Uncertain Fractional IVPs in the Fuzzy Conformable Fractional Sense
  47. An Extension of Caputo Fractional Derivative Operator by Use of Wiman’s Function
  48. Some Results of Extended Beta Function and Hypergeometric Functions by Using Wiman’s Function
  49. New Parameterized Inequalities for η-Quasiconvex Functions via (p, q)-Calculus
  50. Efficient iterative methods for finding simultaneously all the multiple roots of polynomial equation
  51. Lie symmetry analysis and invariant solutions of 3D Euler equations for axisymmetric, incompressible, and inviscid flow in the cylindrical coordinates
  52. On iterative techniques for estimating all roots of nonlinear equation and its system with application in differential equation
  53. Some Inequalities of Extended Hypergeometric Functions
  54. On highly efficient derivative-free family of numerical methods for solving polynomial equation simultaneously
  55. Solving a Fractional-Order Differential Equation Using Rational Symmetric Contraction Mappings
  56. Blow-up of solutions for a quasilinear system with degenerate damping terms
  57. Certain Coefficient Estimate Problems for Three-Leaf-Type Starlike Functions
  59. Extension of Operational Matrix Technique for the Solution of Nonlinear System of Caputo Fractional Differential Equations Subjected to Integral Type Boundary Constrains
  60. Qualitative Study on Solutions of a Hadamard Variable Order Boundary Problem via the Ulam–Hyers–Rassias Stability
  61. On chaos and projective synchronization of a fractional difference map with no equilibria using a fuzzy-based state feedback control
  62. Modeling, analysis and prediction of new variants of covid-19 and dengue co-infection on complex network
  63. Applications to Boundary Value Problems and Homotopy Theory via Tripled Fixed Point Techniques in Partially Metric Spaces
  64. An Extension of Beta Function by Using Wiman’s Function
  65. Quarter-Sweep Preconditioned Relaxation Method, Algorithm and Efficiency Analysis for Fractional Mathematical Equation
  66. Improvement of Mathematical Model for Sedimentation Process
  67. Capturing of solitons collisions and reflections in nonlinear Schrödinger type equations by a conservative scheme based on MOL
  68. New coincidence point results for generalized graph-preserving multivalued mappings with applications
  69. Some trapezoid and midpoint type inequalities via fractional $(p,q)$-calculus
  70. Control of a Symmetric Chaotic Supply Chain System Using a New Fixed-Time Super-Twisting Sliding Mode Technique Subject to Control Input Limitations
  71. Matrix computational collocation approach based on rational Chebyshev functions for nonlinear differential equations
  72. New Post Quantum Analogues of Hermite–Hadamard Type Inequalities for Interval-Valued Convex Functions
  73. Some New Hermite–Hadamard and Related Inequalities for Convex Functions via (p,q)-Integral
  74. A Fractional Approach to a Computational Eco-Epidemiological Model with Holling Type-II Functional Response
  75. A New RBF Neural Network-Based Fault-Tolerant Active Control for Fractional Time-Delayed Systems
  76. Extensions of Hermite–Hadamard inequalities for harmonically convex functions via generalized fractional integrals
  77. Comparative Study on Numerical Methods for Singularly Perturbed Advanced-Delay Differential Equations
  78. Approximation Solution of the Fractional Parabolic Partial Differential Equation by the Half-Sweep and Preconditioned Relaxation
  79. Finite-/fixed-time synchronization of delayed Clifford-valued recurrent neural networks
  80. Two New Bailey Lattices and Their Applications
  81. Analytical Analysis of Fractional-Order Multi-Dimensional Dispersive Partial Differential Equations
  82. Exponential stability in the Lagrange sense for Clifford-valued recurrent neural networks with time delays
  83. On some new trapezoidal inequalities for $$q^{\varkappa _{2}}$$-quantum integrals via Green function
  84. Mixed ℋ -Infinity and Passive Synchronization of Markovian Jumping Neutral-Type Complex Dynamical Networks with Random...
  85. Unsatisfactory quality of E. coli asparaginase biogenerics in India: Implications for clinical outcomes in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
  86. Certain Unified Integrals Involving a Multivariate Mittag–Leffler Function
  87. Singular Integral Neumann Boundary Conditions for Semilinear Elliptic PDEs
  88. Global exponential stability of Clifford-valued neural networks with time-varying delays and impulsive effects
  89. Numerical Solutions Caused by DGJIM and ADM Methods for Multi-Term Fractional BVP Involving the Generalized ψ-RL-Operators
  90. Relaxed Modulus-Based Matrix Splitting Methods for the Linear Complementarity Problem
  91. Existence and uniqueness results on time scales for fractional nonlocal thermistor problem in the conformable sense
  92. Convergence Analysis of a Three-Step Iterative Algorithm for Generalized Set-Valued Mixed-Ordered Variational Inclusion Problem
  93. Iterative method for solving one-dimensional fractional mathematical physics model via quarter-sweep and PAOR
  94. Coefficient Bounds for Certain Classes of Analytic Functions Associated with Faber Polynomial
  95. ConvXGB: A new deep learning model for classification problems based on CNN and XGBoost
  96. Numerical solution of hybrid mathematical model of dengue transmission with relapse and memory via Adam–Bashforth–Moulton predictor-corrector scheme
  97. Analysis of fractional multi-dimensional Navier–Stokes equation
  98. Exponential trigonometric convex functions and Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities
  99. New quantum boundaries for quantum Simpson’s and quantum Newton’s type inequalities for preinvex functions
  100. Some General Integral Operator Inequalities Associated with φ -Quasiconvex Functions
  101. A sequence involving an extended Struve function via a differential operator
  102. Generalized linear differential equation using Hyers-Ulam stability approach
  103. Marichev-Saigo-Maeda fractional integral operators involving the product of generalized Bessel -Maitland functions
  104. Vieta–Fibonacci operational matrices for spectral solutions of variable-order fractional integro-differential equations
  105. The complex error functions and various extensive results together with implications pertaining to certain special functions
  106. A new family of degenerate poly-Bernoulli polynomials of the second kind with its certain related properties
  107. Ambispective study of clinical picture, management practices and outcome of snake bite patients at tertiary care centre in Northern India
  108. India's need for long-term solutions to COVID-19-like pandemics: A policy paper by Organized Medicine Academic Guild
  109. Non-conformable integral inequalities of Chebyshev-Pólya-Szegö type
  110. New Ostrowski type inequalities for generalized $ s $-convex functions with applications to some special means of real numbers and to midpoint formula
  111. Optimization of the average monthly cost of an EOQ inventory model for deteriorating items in machine learning using PYTHON
  112. New fractional inequalities of Hermite–Hadamard type involving the incomplete gamma functions
  113. Analysis of Optical Solitons for Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Detuning Term by Iterative Transform Method
  114. Vieta–Lucas polynomials for solving a fractional-order mathematical physics model
  115. Solvability of the boundary-value problem for a linear loaded integro-differential equation in an infinite three-dimensional domain
  116. Subordination and Superordination Properties for Certain Family of Analytic Functions Associated with Mittag–Leffler Function
  117. Extended k-Gamma and k-Beta Functions of Matrix Arguments
  118. Study of hybrid orthonormal functions method for solving second kind fuzzy Fredholm integral equations
  119. Some Dynamic Hilbert-Type Inequalities on Time Scales
  120. Solutions of system of Volterra integro‐differential equations using optimal homotopy asymptotic method
  121. Growth of solutions for a coupled nonlinear Klein–Gordon system with strong damping, source, and distributed delay terms
  122. A New Faster Iterative Scheme for Numerical Fixed Points Estimation of Suzuki’s Generalized Nonexpansive Mappings
  123. Fractional Calculus involving (p, q)-Mathieu Type Series
  124. An Optimal Fourth Order Derivative-Free Numerical Algorithm for Multiple Roots
  125. Better Approaches for n-Times Differentiable Convex Functions
  126. Solving Higher-Order Boundary and Initial Value Problems via Chebyshev–Spectral Method: Application in Elastic Foundation
  127. Modelling of transmission dynamics of Nipah virus (Niv): A fractional order Approach
  128. Certain new models of the multi space-fractional Gardner equation
  129. Use of Quantum Differential Equations in Sonic Processes
  130. A novel analytical approach for advection diffusion equation for radionuclide release from an area source
  131. Limiting Values and Functional and Difference Equations
  132. A new analysis of a partial differential equation arising in biology and population genetics via semi analytical techniques
  133. Limiting Values and Functional and Difference Equations
  134. Some Integrals Involving -Functions and Laguerre Polynomials
  135. Nanofiltration membranes from crosslinked Troger's base Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIMs)
  136. Well-posedness of stochastic modified Kawahara equation
  137. An extension by means of ω-weighted classes of the generalized Riemann-Liouville k-fractional integral inequalities
  138. A novel Jacobi operational matrix for numerical solution of multi-term variable-order fractional differential equations
  139. Existence and multiplicity of positive weak solutions for a new class of (P; Q)-Laplacian systems
  140. A nonlocal problem with integral gluing condition for a third‐order loaded equation with parabolic‐hyperbolic operator involving fractional derivatives
  141. Some opial-type inequalities with higher order delta derivatives on time scales
  142. Exact Solutions for a Class of Wick-Type Stochastic (3+1)-Dimensional Modified Benjamin–Bona–Mahony Equations
  143. Numerical approximation for the solution of linear sixth order boundary value problems by cubic B-spline
  144. Certain generating functions for the quadruple hypergeometric series K_{10}
  145. Direct evaluation of the desired correlations: Verification on real data
  146. A Deep One-Pass Learning based on Pre-Training Weights for Smartphone-Based Recognition of Human Activities and Postural Transitions
  147. A new type OF hybrid multistep multiderivative formula for solving stiff IVPs
  148. Application of the fractional oscillator model to describe damped vibrations
  149. Some fractional differential equations involving generalized hypergeometric functions
  150. Analytic solution for oxygen diffusion from capillary to tissues involving external force effects: A fractional calculus approach
  151. A Kantorovich variant of a generalized Bernstein operators
  152. Numerical solution of multiterm variable‐order fractional differential equations via shifted Legendre polynomials
  153. Image Encryption and Analysis using Dynamic AES
  154. G-stability one-leg hybrid methods for solving DAEs
  155. Certain Hermite–Hadamard Inequalities for Logarithmically Convex Functions with Applications
  156. Photoelastic birefringence of copolymers with non-planar structure
  157. Thin film composite membranes from polymers of intrinsic microporosity using layer-by-layer method
  158. Certain Feynman type integrals involving generalized k-Mittag-Leffler function and general class of polynomials
  159. Parathyroid adenoma presenting as genu valgum in a child: A rare case report
  160. An Effective Numerical Technique Based on the Tau Method for the Eigenvalue Problems
  161. Certain Fractional Integral and Differential Formulas Involving the Extended Incomplete Generalized Hypergeometric Functions
  162. Certain Properties of Konhauser Polynomial via Generalized Mittag-Leffler Function
  163. On Hermite–Hadamard-Type Inequalities for Coordinated Convex Mappings Utilizing Generalized Fractional Integrals
  164. New generalized midpoint type inequalities for fractional integral
  165. Compliance with 6 h-Sepsis Resuscitation Bundle of Surviving Sepsis Campaign before and after Resident Physicians' Training: A Quality Improvement Interventional Study among Indian Patients
  166. Certain fractional kinetic equations involving generalized k-Bessel function
  167. New Hermite-Hadamard type integral inequalities for convex functions and their applications
  168. Noninstantaneous impulsive inequalities via conformable fractional calculus
  169. Pathway Fractional Integral Operator Associated with 3m-Parametric Mittag-Leffler Functions
  170. A class of shape preserving 5-point n-ary approximating schemes
  171. The Nehari manifold for a boundary value problem involving Riemann–Liouville fractional derivative
  172. On the solutions of certain fractional kinetic equations involving k-Mittag-Leffler function
  173. Development of key-dependent dynamic S-Boxes with dynamic irreducible polynomial and affine constant
  174. Optical solitons for the Calogero-Bogoyavlenskii-Schiff equation in (2 + 1) dimensions with time-fractional conformable derivative
  175. Certain Sequences Involving Product of k-Bessel Function
  176. Fractional calculus operators and their applications to thermal systems
  177. Non-standard finite difference and Chebyshev collocation methods for solving fractional diffusion equation
  178. A comparative study on generating function relations for generalized hypergeometric functions via generalized fractional operators
  179. On some dynamic inequalities of Steffensen type on time scales
  180. Certain fractional calculus formulas involving extended generalized Mathieu series
  181. Boundary-value problems for the third-order loaded equation with noncharacteristic type-change boundaries
  182. Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for generalized convex functions on fractal sets style
  183. Fractional differential equations for the generalized Mittag-Leffler function
  184. Weighted Integral Inequalities in Terms of Omega-Fractional Integro-Differentiation
  185. A Family of Integral Inequalities on the Interval $$[-1,1]$$
  186. A Generalization of Cauchy–Bunyakovsky Integral Inequality Via Means with Max and Min Values
  187. A Note on the New Extended Beta and Gauss Hypergeometric Functions
  188. Comprehensive Inequalities and Equations Specified by the Mittag-Leffler Functions and Fractional Calculus in the Complex Plane
  189. Some composition formulae for the M-S-M fractional integral operator with the multi-index Mittag-Leffler functions
  190. An effective homotopy analysis method to solve the cubic isothermal auto-catalytic chemical system
  191. Fixed Point Theory in Metric Spaces
  192. Extended Riemann-Liouville type fractional derivative operator with applications
  193. Existence of almost periodic solution for neutral Nicholson blowflies model
  194. Further extended Caputo fractional derivative operator and its applications
  195. On new applications of fractional calculus
  196. Extension of the fractional derivative operator of the Riemann-Liouville
  197. A multiplicity result for a singular problem with subcritical nonlinearities
  198. On some subclasses of hypergeometric functions with Djrbashian Cauchy type kernel
  200. Existence and uniqueness of solutions for stochastic differential equations of fractional-order q > 1 ...
  201. Fractional integral operators involving extended Mittag–Leffler function as its Kernel
  202. Weighted hypergeometric functions and fractional derivative
  203. Fractional kinetic equations involving generalized k -Bessel function via Sumudu transform
  204. Certain Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities via generalized k-fractional integrals
  205. Certain integrals involving the generalized hypergeometric function and the Laguerre polynomials
  207. Some inequalities involving Hadamard-type k -fractional integral operators
  208. Preface for the Special Issue on “Special functions and analysis of PDEs”
  209. Some Comprehensive Inequalities Consisting of Mittag-Leffler Type Functions in the Complex Plane
  210. s-convex functions on discrete time domains
  211. On Boundary-Value Problems for a Partial Differential Equation with Caputo and Bessel Operators
  212. Certain composition formulae for the fractional integral operators
  213. Certain Class of Meromorphically Multivalent Functions Defined by a Differential Operator
  214. Certain Image Formulae and Fractional Kinetic Equations Involving Extended Hypergeometric Functions
  215. On a New Extension of Caputo Fractional Derivative Operator
  216. On the extended Appell-Lauricella hypergeometric functions and their applications
  217. Some Reverse Hölder Type Inequalities Involving $$(k,s)-$$ ( k , s ) - Riemann-Liouville Fractional Integrals
  218. An interventional quality improvement study to assess the compliance to cardiopulmonary resuscitation documentation in an indian teaching hospital
  219. Certain Inequalities Involving Pathway Fractional Integral Operators
  220. Certain fractional kinetic equations involving the product of generalized k-Bessel function
  222. Solvability of a Non-local Problem with Integral Transmitting Condition for Mixed Type Equation with Caputo Fractional Derivative
  223. Certain properties of Gegenbauer polynomials via Lie algebra
  227. An extension of Caputo fractional derivative operator and its applications
  228. Some Integrals Involving Generalized Hypergeometric functions and Srivastava polynomials
  230. Some generalized Riemann-Liouville k-fractional integral inequalities
  231. An extension of some variant of Meijer type integrals in the class of Boehmians
  232. Certain q-series identities
  234. A certain sequence of functions involving the Aleph function
  235. On the fractional differential equations with not instantaneous impulses
  236. A note on fractional integral operator associated with multiindex Mittag-Leffler functions
  237. Note on generating relations associated with the generalized Gauss hypergeometric function
  238. Generating functions for the generalized Appell function
  239. On some new integral inequalities of Gronwall–Bellman–Bihari type with delay for discontinuous functions and their applications
  240. Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications 2014
  241. Certain recent fractional integral inequalities associated with the hypergeometric operators
  242. Composition Formulas of Bessel-Struve Kernel Function
  243. On Pólya-Szegö and Chebyshev types inequalities involving the Riemann-Liouville fractional integral operators
  244. Solvability for fractional p-Laplacian differential equations with multipoint boundary conditions at resonance on infinite interval
  245. Generalized fractional integral operators and the multivariable H-function
  247. q-Integral inequalities associated with some fractional q-integral operators
  249. Hyperdiffusive Dynamics in Newtonian Nanoparticle Fluids
  250. Certain Fractional Integral Operators and Extended Generalized Gauss Hypergeometric Functions
  251. Extended Riemann-Liouville fractional derivative operator and its applications
  252. Certain image formulas of generalized hypergeometric functions
  253. Certain fractional integral operators and the generalized multi-index Mittag-Leffler functions
  254. Certain Integrals Involving Generalized Mittag-Leffler Functions
  255. On Analytical Solutions of the Fractional Differential Equation with Uncertainty: Application to the Basset Problem
  256. New concepts of fractional quantum calculus and applications to impulsive fractional q-difference equations
  257. Some fractional integral formulas for the Mittag-Leffler type function with four parameters
  258. The general solution for impulsive differential equations with Riemann-Liouville fractional-order q ∈ (1,2)
  259. The Umbral operator and the integration involving generalized Bessel-type functions
  260. Some new inequalities involving generalized Erdelyi-Kober fractional q-integral operator
  261. Certain generalized Appell type functions and their properties
  262. Modeling and identification of heat exchanger process using least squares support vector machines
  263. A reduction formula for the Appell series F_3 in two variables
  264. Note on the transform S and its generalization in the space of Boehmians
  265. Some results on the extended beta and extended hypergeometric functions
  266. Generating functions for the generalized Gauss hypergeometric functions
  267. Some results due to Konhauser polynomials of first kind and Laguerre polynomials
  268. A Note on Generating Functions Involving the Generalized Gauss Hypergeometric Functions
  269. Certain Properties of the Generalized Gauss Hypergeometric Functions
  271. Analysis of Radiative Transport in a 2-D Cylindrical Participating Medium Subjected to Collimated Radiation
  272. Certain Inequalities Involving the Fractionalq-Integral Operators
  273. Some New Saigo Type Fractional Integral Inequalities and Theirq-Analogues
  274. On Generalized Fractional Integral Operators and the Generalized Gauss Hypergeometric Functions
  275. Certain Grüss type inequalities involving the generalized fractional integral operator
  276. New Bilateral Type Generating Function Associated withI-Function
  277. Certain Inequalities Involving Generalized Erdélyi-Kober Fractionalq-Integral Operators
  278. Swarm Intelligence and Its Applications 2014
  279. Certain Integral Transform and Fractional Integral Formulas for the Generalized Gauss Hypergeometric Functions
  280. Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications
  281. Certain Class of Generating Functions for the Incomplete Hypergeometric Functions
  283. Advances in Applied Mathematics and Approximation Theory
  284. Swarm Intelligence and Its Applications
  285. Fractional Integration of the Product of Two Multivariables H-Function and a General Class of Polynomials
  286. Certain unified integrals associated with Bessel functions
  287. Certain Fractional Integral Formulas Involving the Product of Generalized Bessel Functions
  288. Fractional Integration of the Product of Two H-functions and a General Class of Polynomials
  289. On a new Theorem Involving Generalized Mellin-Barnes Type of Contour Integral and Srivastava Polynomials
  290. New Integral Formulas Involving Polynomials and Ī-Function