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  1. Acute renal failure and cardiac arrhythmias associated with remdesivir use in patients with COVID-19 infections: Analysis using the US FDA adverse event reporting system
  2. Analysis of the nervous system and gastrointestinal adverse events associated with solifenacin in older adults using the US FDA adverse event reporting system
  4. Reducing Potentially Inappropriate Medications in Older Adults: A Way Forward
  5. Examining the Risks of Major Bleeding Events in Older People Using Antithrombotics
  6. DEFEAT-polypharmacy: deprescribing anticholinergic and sedative medicines feasibility trial in residential aged care facilities
  7. Factors associated with inappropriate prescribing among older adults with complex care needs who have undergone the interRAI assessment
  8. Determinants of prescribing potentially inappropriate medications in a nationwide cohort of community dwellers with dementia receiving a comprehensive geriatric assessment
  9. Pharmaceutical Care in Australia and New Zealand
  10. The impact of residential medication management reviews (RMMRs) on medication regimen complexity
  11. Abstract
  12. Drug burden index and its association with hip fracture among older adults: a national population-based study
  13. Association rules method and big data: Evaluating frequent medication combinations associated with fractures in older adults
  14. A systematic review evaluating the use of the interRAI home care instrument in research for older people
  15. Population-based study examining the utilization of preventive medicines by older people in the last year of life
  16. Potentially inappropriate medications in community-dwelling older adults undertaken as a comprehensive geriatric risk assessment
  17. Impact of medication reviews on inappropriate prescribing in aged care
  18. Drug Burden and its Association with Falls Among Older Adults in New Zealand: A National Population Cross-Sectional Study
  19. A population-level study examining discontinuation of statins in older people with dementia
  20. Do Residents Need All Their Medications? A Cross-Sectional Survey of RNs' Views on Deprescribing and the Role of Clinical Pharmacists
  21. Evaluation of the National Minimum Data Set for Neurological Conditions in Older Adults
  22. Development and validation of a Medicines Comorbidity Index for older people
  23. Discontinuation of Preventive Medicines in Older People with Limited Life Expectancy: A Systematic Review
  24. International trends in antipsychotic use: A study in 16 countries, 2005–2014
  27. International trends in clozapine use: a study in 17 countries
  28. Deprescribing anticholinergic and sedative medicines: protocol for a Feasibility Trial (DEFEAT-polypharmacy) in residential aged care facilities
  29. New Zealand's interRAI: A Resource For Examining Health Outcomes in Geriatric Pharmacoepidemiology
  30. Zopiclone Use and Risk of Fractures in Older People: Population-Based Study
  32. Exploring New Zealand prescription data using sequence symmetry analyses for predicting adverse drug reactions
  33. Decade-long temporal trends in the utilization of preventive medicines by centenarians
  34. Adverse Drug Reactions Associated With Cholinesterase Inhibitors—Sequence Symmetry Analyses Using Prescription Claims Data
  35. Real-world risk of diabetes with antipsychotic use in older New Zealanders: a case-crossover study
  36. Cognitive adverse effects and brain deterioration associated with use of anticholinergic activity medicines in older adults
  37. Time-to-First Discontinuation, Adherence and Persistence in New Users of Second-Generation Antipsychotics
  38. A systematic review and meta-analysis on serum anticholinergic activity and adverse outcomes in older people
  39. Temporal trends in the use of antidiabetic medicines: a nationwide 9-year study in older people living in New Zealand
  40. Antihypertensive medicines utilization: A decade-long nationwide study of octogenarians, nonagenarians and centenarians
  41. An overview of pharmacodynamic modelling, ligand-binding approach and its application in clinical practice
  42. Temporal trends for donepezil utilization among older people
  43. Challenges and Enablers of Deprescribing: A General Practitioner Perspective
  44. Residential medication management reviews of antithrombotic therapy in aged care residents with atrial fibrillation: assessment of stroke and bleeding risk
  45. Examination and Estimation of Anticholinergic Burden: Current Trends and Implications for Future Research
  46. Discontinuation of statins in a population of older New Zealanders with limited life expectancy
  47. Antiepileptic medicine utilization in older people over a 9-year study period
  48. Anticholinergics: theoretical and clinical overview
  49. Serum Anticholinergic Activity and Cognitive and Functional Adverse Outcomes in Older People: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Literature
  50. Geographic variation in psychotropic drug utilisation among older people in New Zealand
  51. General practitioners’ insight into deprescribing for the multimorbid older individual: a qualitative study
  52. BMC Geriatrics reviewer acknowledgement 2015
  53. Examining potentially inappropriate prescribing in residential care using the STOPP/START criteria
  54. The Influence of Patient Characteristics on Anticholinergic Events in Older People
  55. ‘Real-world’ haemorrhagic rates for warfarin and dabigatran using population-level data in New Zealand
  56. Temporal trends in the utilisation of preventive medicines by older people: A 9-year population-based study
  57. Quality use of antipsychotic medicines inresidential aged care facilities in New Zealand
  58. Donepezil Adherence, Persistence and Time to First Discontinuation in a Three-Year Follow-Up of Older People
  59. Impact of residential medication management reviews on anticholinergic burden in aged care residents
  60. Proton pump inhibitors utilisation in older people in New Zealand from 2005 to 2013
  61. Analgesic Medicine Utilization in Older People in New Zealand from 2005 to 2013
  62. Credentials for a PharmD graduate: The voyage never ends
  63. Prevalence of potentially inappropriate medicine use in older New Zealanders: a population-level study using the updated 2012 Beers criteria
  64. Anticholinergic burden quantified by anticholinergic risk scales and adverse outcomes in older people: a systematic review
  65. Associations of Potentially Inappropriate Medicine Use with Fall-Related Hospitalisations and Primary Care Visits in Older New Zealanders: A Population-Level Study Using the Updated 2012 Beers Criteria
  66. Comparison of Anticholinergic Risk Scales and Associations with Adverse Health Outcomes in Older People
  67. Temporal Trends in Polypharmacy and Hyperpolypharmacy in Older New Zealanders over a 9-Year Period: 2005-2013
  68. Psychotropic Medicine Utilization in Older People in New Zealand from 2005 to 2013
  69. Impact of the Pharmacist Medication Review Services on Drug-Related Problems and Potentially Inappropriate Prescribing of Renally Cleared Medications in Residents of Aged Care Facilities
  70. The impact of focused teaching sessions on New Zealand pharmacy students’ attitudes to people suffering from schizophrenia and other mental illnesses
  71. Associations of drug burden index with falls, general practitioner visits, and mortality in older people
  72. Impact of Anticholinergic Discontinuation on Cognitive Outcomes in Older People: A Systematic Review
  73. Older people's perceptions of prescription medicine costs and related costs: a pilot study in New Zealand
  74. Anticholinergic Component of the Drug Burden Index and the Anticholinergic Drug Scale as Measures of Anticholinergic Exposure in Older People in New Zealand: A Population-Level Study
  75. Potentially inappropriate medicines in a cohort of community-dwelling older people in New Zealand
  76. A retrospective study of drug-related problems in Australian aged care homes: medication reviews involving pharmacists and general practitioners
  77. Determinants of antipsychotic medication use among older people living in aged care homes in Australia
  78. Drug Burden Index and Potentially Inappropriate Medications in Community-Dwelling Older People
  79. Anticholinergic Activity of Commonly Prescribed Medications and Neuropsychiatric Adverse Events in Older People
  80. Impact of Residential Medication Management Reviews on Drug Burden Index in Aged-Care Homes
  81. Determinants of antidepressant medication prescribing in elderly residents of aged care homes in Australia: A retrospective study
  82. Psychotropic Prescribing in Long-Term Care Facilities: Impact of Medication Reviews and Educational Interventions
  83. Response to Dr. Prasad