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  1. Precision Medicine: Implications for value chains and business models in life sciences
  2. Blended Learning Adoption: a case study of one of the oldest University Universities in Europe
  3. Patterns of compliance with soft regulation in Italian listed companies
  4. Social planning and local welfare. The experience of the Italian area social plan
  5. The Prevention of Corruption as an Unavoidable Way to Ensure Healthcare System Sustainability
  6. Circular business models for sustainable development: A “waste is food” restorative ecosystem
  7. Public owned enterprises in Italy: A hybrid nature for a hybrid regime of over -compliance
  8. The determinants of whistleblowing in public administrations
  9. Patterns of care among patients for advanced renal cell carcinoma
  10. Structuring supervisory board for an anti-corruption strategy
  11. Innovative Accreditation Standards in Education and Training
  12. Organisational Theories and Models
  13. Further Applications of Compliance with Decree 231 and Anti-Corruption
  14. Innovative Accreditation Standards: The Italian Experience in VET
  15. The Ethical Challenge: An Italian Way Through Organisational Models and Theories
  16. The Organisational Model and an Innovative Accreditation Standard in the Education Sector
  17. A More General Consideration About Accreditation Standards: From VET to Health Systems
  18. Forecast model for the evaluation of economic resources for patients with HIV infection
  19. E-government adoption in small Italian municipalities
  20. ERP Marketing and Italian SMEs
  21. European Public E-Procurement: The Italian Experience
  22. Grid Technology for Archive Solutions in Health Care Organizations
  23. Evolutional Patterns of Intranet Applications: Organizational Issues and Information Systems Success
  24. New Organisational Culture for New Public E-Procurement: From Competition to Purchasing Groups
  25. Grid Technology for Archive Solutions in Health Care Organizations