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  1. Separation of free fatty acids from deodorizer distillates using choline hydrogen carbonate and supercritical carbon dioxide
  2. Ion Jelly: a novel sensing material for gas sensors and electronic noses
  3. Transscaphoid–transtriquetral–transhamate perilunate fracture–dislocation: case report
  4. Development of Ion-Jelly® membranes
  5. Swelling behavior of gelatin‐ionic liquid functional polymers
  6. Development of antimicrobial Ion Jelly fibers
  7. Synthesis and Properties of Room‐Temperature Choline Carboxylate Zwitterionic Ionic Liquids as Potential Electrolytes
  8. Electrospinning of Ion Jelly fibers
  9. Silk‐Ion Jelly: a novel ion conducting polymeric material with high conductivity and excellent mechanical stability
  10. Understanding the Ion Jelly Conductivity Mechanism
  11. Effect of gelatin–ionic liquid functional polymers on glucose oxidase and horseradish peroxidase kinetics
  12. Evaluation of Ion Jelly biopolymer on glucose biosensing
  13. Geranyl Acetate Synthesis in a Packed-Bed Reactor Catalyzed by Novozym in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and in Supercritical Ethane
  14. Biocatalytic separation of (R, S)-1-phenylethanol enantiomers and fractionation of reaction products with supercritical carbon dioxide
  15. Enzymatic Production of Decyl Acetate: Kinetic Study in n-Hexane and Comparison with Supercritical CO2
  16. New conducting biomaterial based on Ion Jelly® technology for development of a new generation of biosensors
  17. Probing the microenvironment of sol–gel entrapped cutinase: The role of added zeolite NaY
  18. Enhanced Biocatalytic Activity of ORMOSIL-Encapsulated Cutinase:  The Matrix Structural Perspective
  19. Ion jelly: a tailor-made conducting material for smart electrochemical devices
  20. Lipase catalysed mono and di-acylation of secondary alcohols with succinic anhydride in organic media and ionic liquids
  21. Sol–gel encapsulation: An efficient and versatile immobilization technique for cutinase in non-aqueous media
  22. Cutinase activity in supercritical and organic media: water activity, solvation and acid–base effects
  23. Effect of immobilization support, water activity, and enzyme ionization state on cutinase activity and enantioselectivity in organic media
  24. Use of free and immobilized Pseudomonas putida cells for the reduction of a thiophene derivative in organic media