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  1. Using microseeding with LCP
  2. Seasonality and selective trends in viral acute respiratory tract infections
  3. Automation in biological crystallization
  4. Membrane protein structure determination — The next generation
  5. Improving the Success Rate of Protein Crystallization by Random Microseed Matrix Screening
  6. Structure of arylamineN-acetyltransferase fromMycobacterium tuberculosisdetermined by cross-seeding with the homologous protein fromM. marinum: triumph over adversity
  7. Random microseeding: a theoretical and practical exploration of the microseed matrix-screening (MMS) method, with new recommendations for achieving crystallization success
  8. Random Microseeding: A Theoretical and Practical Exploration of Seed Stability and Seeding Techniques for Successful Protein Crystallization
  9. Optimization of Protein Crystallization: The OptiCryst Project
  10. Combining Counter-Diffusion and Microseeding to Increase the Success Rate in Protein Crystallization
  11. On increasing protein-crystallization throughput for X-ray diffraction studies
  12. Practical experimental design techniques for automatic and manual protein crystallization
  13. A comparison of microbatch and vapour diffusion for initial screening of crystallization conditions
  14. New developments of the IMPAX small-volume automated crystallization system
  15. Predispensed gradient matrices – a new rapid method of finding crystallization conditions
  16. Phase diagram and dilution experiments in the crystallization of carboxypeptidase G2
  17. Microbatch crystallization under oil — a new technique allowing many small-volume crystallization trials
  18. An automated system for micro-batch protein crystallization and screening