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  1. QRsens: Dual-purpose quick response code with built-in colorimetric sensors
  2. A frequency comb stabilized Ti:Sa laser as a self-reference for ion-trap experiments with a 40Ca+ ion
  3. Thermal drift reduction in photodiode dosimeters with switching bias
  5. Digital Optical Ballistocardiographic System for Activity, Heart Rate, and Breath Rate Determination during Sleep
  6. Smart facemask for wireless CO2 monitoring
  7. Battery-less NFC tag for radiation dose measurement with MOSFET dosimeters
  8. Flexible Strain and Temperature Sensing NFC Tag for Smart Food Packaging Applications
  9. Flexible Metasurface QR Code for Simultaneous Identification and Sensing
  10. Energy Generating Electronic Skin With Intrinsic Tactile Sensing Without Touch Sensors
  11. Smart Bandage With Wireless Strain and Temperature Sensors and Batteryless NFC Tag
  12. SensAct: The Soft and Squishy Tactile Sensor with Integrated Flexible Actuator
  13. Wireless wearable wristband for continuous sweat pH monitoring
  14. Low-Loss Reconfigurable Phase Shifter in Gap-Waveguide Technology for mm-Wave Applications
  15. Electronic Skin with Energy Autonomous Proximity Sensing for Human-Robot Interaction
  16. 3D printed packaging of photovoltaic cells for energy autonomous embedded sensors
  17. Disposable and Flexible Sensor Patch for α-amylase Detection in Human Blood Serum
  18. Microdroplet based disposable sensor patch for detection of α-amylase in human blood serum
  19. 3D Printed Robotic Hand with Embedded Touch Sensors
  20. Flexible Potentiostat Readout Circuit Patch for Electrochemical and Biosensor Applications
  21. Flexible Strain Sensor with NFC Tag for Food Packaging
  22. Printed Flexible Temperature Sensor with NFC Interface
  23. NFC based Polymer Strain Sensor for Smart Packaging
  24. PEDOT:PSS Microchannel‐Based Highly Sensitive Stretchable Strain Sensor
  25. The effect of bending on laser-cut electro-textile inductors and capacitors attached on denim as wearable structures
  26. Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting for Oxygen Determination in Refrigerated Intelligent Packaging
  27. Light-Dependent Resistors as Dosimetric Sensors in Radiotherapy
  28. Optical portable instrument for the determination of CO2 in indoor environments
  29. Readout Circuit With Improved Sensitivity for Contactless LC Sensing Tags
  30. Electronically Controllable Phase Shifter with Progressive Impedance Transformation at K Band
  31. General-purpose passive wireless point–of–care platform based on smartphone
  32. A colorimetric strategy based on dynamic chemistry for direct detection of Trypanosomatid species
  33. The TRAPSENSOR facility: an open-ring 7 tesla Penning trap for laser-based precision experiments
  34. Portable Multispectral System Based on Color Detector for the Analysis of Homogeneous Surfaces
  35. Smartphone-Based Diagnosis of Parasitic Infections With Colorimetric Assays in Centrifuge Tubes
  36. Comparative Study of Inkjet-Printed Silver Conductive Traces With Thermal and Electrical Sintering
  37. Compact readout system for chipless passive LC tags and its application for humidity monitoring
  38. Non-Invasive Oxygen Determination in Intelligent Packaging Using a Smartphone
  39. A compact dosimetric system for MOSFETs based on passive NFC tag and smartphone
  40. Flexible Passive near Field Communication Tag for Multigas Sensing
  41. Flexible passive tag based on light energy harvesting for gas threshold determination in sealed environments
  42. Passive UHF RFID Tag for Multispectral Assessment
  43. Passive UHF RFID tag for spectral fingerprint measurement
  44. Status of the project TRAPSENSOR