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  1. Are customers happy with robot service? Investigating satisfaction with robot service restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Does gender attitude affect managers' intentions to hire females?
  3. An empirical examination of the antecedents of training transfer in hotels: the moderating role of supervisor support
  4. An Analytical Approach to Cruise Tourism As an Option For Development: a Case Study of the Sultanate of Oman
  5. Impact of online reviews on hotel booking intention: The moderating role of brand image, star category, and price
  6. Studying the Factors Influencing Customers’ Intention to Use Self-service Kiosks in Fast Food Restaurants
  7. Egypt’s competitiveness: empirical examination of the relationship between destination attributes, tourist satisfaction and behavioral intentions among hotel guests
  8. Creative Thinking and Entrepreneurial Attitudes Among Tourism and Hospitality Students: The Moderating Role of the Environment
  9. Innovation in product/service development and delivery
  10. Evaluating the Implementation of Strategic Management Practices in Egyptian Five-Star Hotels: An Exploratory Study
  11. Assessing university students' satisfaction with on-campus cafeteria services
  13. Impacts of respect, support, and teamwork on hotel employees' morale in Egypt
  14. Innovation strategies: The implementation of creativity principles in Egyptian hotels
  15. Effects of Creativity Support and Diversity Management on Employees Perception of Service Quality in Hotels
  16. Customers’ preferences for new technology-based self-services versus human interaction services in hotels
  17. Implementation of internal marketing on a sample of Egyptian five-star hotels
  18. The impact of employee behaviour on customers' service quality perceptions and overall satisfaction