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  1. Cyber-seaworthiness: A critical review of the literature
  2. Sustainable Maritime Transport; European Policy Perspective and Potential Impact
  3. A pay-as-you-use business model for the greening of shipping
  4. Assessing the impact of sulfur cap on bunkering spot selection in the ARA region
  5. Financing of low-carbon technology projects
  6. Emissions trading in the aviation and maritime sector: Findings from a revised taxonomy
  7. The Short-Term Cost of Greening the Global Fleet
  8. The Impact of Air Emissions Regulations on Terminals
  9. A novel approach for appraising greening technologies supporting shared savings models
  10. Ownership of Assets in Chinese Shipping Funds
  11. Empirical evidence of the interplay of energy performance and the value of ships
  12. A business model for sharing costs, risks, ​and benefits when greening marine operations
  13. Financing green ships through export credit schemes
  14. Energy supply security for the Aegean islands: A routing model with risk and environmental considerations
  15. Financing Ships of Innovative Technology
  16. Assessing the impact of the maritime silk road
  17. Liner Ship Fleet Planning
  18. Liner Ship Fleet Planning with Expected Profit Maximization
  19. Multiperiod Liner Ship Fleet Planning
  20. A fuzzy approach for container positioning considering sustainable profit optimization
  21. Feasibility and commercial considerations of LNG-fueled ships
  22. II. Commentary on Directive 1999/32/EC as regards the sulphur content of marine fuels, as amended by Directive 2012/33/EC
  23. V. Commentary on Regulation EC/782/2003 on the Prohibition of Organotin Compounds on Ships
  24. Fuzzy time series forecasting of bunker prices
  25. Profit-based maritime container assignment models for liner shipping networks
  26. HSBA Handbook on Ship Finance
  27. Selecting technologies towards compliance with MARPOL Annex VI: The perspective of operators
  28. Liner ship route schedule design with port time windows
  29. Forecasting bunker prices; A nonstationary, multivariate methodology
  30. Liner Ship Fleet Deployment with Uncertain Demand
  31. The X-Posse project
  32. The Cost of SOx Limits to Marine Operators; Results from Exploring Marine Fuel Prices
  33. Cost assessment of environmental regulation and options for marine operators
  34. A scenario-based dynamic programming model for multi-period liner ship fleet planning
  35. Specialized Planning Issues
  36. Finite discrete Markov model of ship safety
  37. Exploring the possibility for hub-and-spoke services in the Greek Coastal System
  38. An Evaluation Model for Forecasting Methodologies used by Ports
  39. Analysis of the Greek Coastal Shipping Companies with a Multi-Criteria Evaluation Model
  40. Speed, fuel consumption and output of ships: Some quantitative economical and national implications of the oil crisis