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  1. Restoration of Overhead Power Transmission Lines إستعادة تشغيل خطوط نقل الكهرباء فى حالات الطوارئ
  2. Nonlinear Loads Modelling and Harmonics Analysis: A review
  3. WAMS-Based Fuzzy Logic PID Secondary Voltage Control of the Egyptian Grid
  4. Aggregation of a Wind Farm Model
  5. Harmonic Analysis Using IEEE 519-2014 Standard
  6. Optimal Number and Locations of Smart RMUs for Self-Healing Distribution Networks
  7. Operation of Power Grid with Maximum Penetration of RE Using Corona Virus Optimization Algorithm
  8. Multifunction Battery Energy Storage System for Distribution Networks
  9. Optimal Settings of BTB-VSC in Interconnected Power System Using TFWO
  10. GEP considering unit commitment constraints and data-driven robust optimization under uncertainties
  11. Optimal Reconfiguration Strategy for Distribution Networks With PV Connected Systems
  12. Two-Stage Robust Generation Expansion Planning Considering Uncertainties of High Share Wind Energy
  13. Secondary and Tertiary Voltage Control of a Multi-Region Power System
  14. Secondary Voltage Control Application in a Smart Grid with 100% Renewables
  15. Robust Generation Expansion Planning Considering High Penetration Renewable Energies Uncertainty
  16. GEP under correlated uncertainty of mass penetration renewable energy sources
  17. Generation Expansion Planning Considering High Share Renewable Energies Uncertainty
  18. Technical Overview of Connecting Small Scale Photovoltaic Systems in Egypt
  19. Technical Requirements for Connecting Solar Power Plants to Electricity Networks
  20. The paper shows the benefits of recently installed 400kV shunt reactors in Oman grid
  21. Configuration of WAMS and Pilot Bus Selection for Secondary Voltage Control in the Egyptian Grid
  22. Adaptive Predictive Energy Management Strategy for Integrating Intermittent Resources in Power Systems
  23. Flexibility Measurement of Power System Generation uing Analytical Hierarchy Process
  24. Mathematical Model of the Egyptian Electricity Network
  25. Data-Centric Hierarchical Distributed Model Predictive Control for Smart Grid Energy Management
  26. Grid code requirements for connecting solar power plants to electricity networks in Egypt
  27. Power System Operation Planning of Grid Connected High Share Renewable Energy
  28. Techno-Economic Studies for Connecting 1700MW Sohar-3 Power Station to Oman Grid
  29. Energy Management Strategy for Smart Grid
  30. Coordinated PID Secondary Voltage Control of a Power System Based on Genetic Algorithm
  31. Power Quality of Dhofar Network with 50 MW Wind Farm Connection
  32. Reactive Power Compensation in Oman 400kV Transmission System
  33. Identification and Optimal PI Control of an Electrostatic Precipitator
  34. A review of reactive compensation in the Main Interconnected System of Oman
  35. Electricity Demand Forecast Model of Oman Transmission System
  36. Voltage and Reactive Power Control in Oman Electricity Transmission System
  37. Small-disturbance stability of Oman/UAE interconnected system
  38. Voltage & reactive power control in Oman transmission system
  39. Impact of a 200 MW concentrated receiver solar power plant on steady-state and transient performances of Oman transmission system
  40. Steady-state and transient performances of Oman transmission system with 200 MW photovoltaic power plant
  42. Performance of Oman transmission system with the 400kV Gulf Cooperation Council electricity interconnection
  43. Performance of Oman transmission System with Distributed Generation
  44. Development of a Digital Model for Oman Electrical Transmission Main Grid
  45. Restoration of a 132 kV Over Head Transmission Line affected by Tropical Cyclone Gonu in Oman
  46. Dynamic Load Modelling
  47. Control of a Multi-Machine Power System
  48. Multivariable adaptive controller for a turbogenerator
  49. Identification and Optimal Control of a Generating Unit in an Interconnected System.
  50. Coordinated Stabilization of a Multi-Machine Power System (Paper Summary)
  51. Coordinated Stabilization of a Multimachine Power System
  52. Approaches to modelling and optimal control of a micro-alternator system
  53. Identification and Optimal Output Control of a Laboratory Power System
  54. Discrete control of an a.c. Turbogenerator by Output Feedback
  55. A systematic sensitivity approach for optimal reactive power planning