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  1. Two types of activating precursors from Cu-Sn-P alloy
  2. Activating Precursors for Brazing Processes that Deposit Two Layers through Melting
  3. Preventive Repetitive Maintenance Applications in the Field of High Wear Subjected Surfaces
  4. Researh on the Developments of HFIC Allied Powders
  5. Research on Welding with Electron Beam of Ni Based Amorphous Ribbons
  6. Method and Technologies for Cutting and Sealing Composite Polymeric Materials
  7. Method and Technologies Functional Constructive Configuration Concept of a Flexible Unconventional Hybrid FSW-US Welding Process
  8. Structural and Functional Characterization of Ultrasonic Joining for Multiwire Conductors for Automotive Industry