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  1. Burnout plays important role in nurses' mental health
  2. Adverse work environment contributes to PTSD in forensic psychiatric staff
  3. Risk factors for trauma among psychiatric workers
  4. Psychiatric workers suffer from violence and vicarious trauma on the job
  5. Trauma among psychiatric workers
  6. Mental health workers seek validation and trauma-informed support after workplace violence
  7. Psychiatric Workers Face Barriers to Getting Help for PTSD
  8. Critical Events and Chronic Stress Both Increase PTSD among Psychiatric Workers
  9. Evaluation of a substance use treatment program for forensic psychiatric inpatients
  10. Reliability and validity of the DSM-IV-TR and proposed DSM-5 criteria for pedophilia
  11. Graphs can help improve violence risk communication
  12. The Predictive and Incremental Validity of Two Self-Report Risk Assessment Measures With Adult Male Offenders Who Have Mental Health Problems