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  1. Not so random acts of violence: Shared social–ecological features of violence against women and school shootings.
  2. How Military Sexual Trauma and Restrictive Emotionality Effect the Mental Health of Male Veterans
  3. The relationship between social group prejudice and vulnerability to sexual violence in bisexual women.
  4. Mental health workers who work with human trafficking survivors experience both risks and rewards
  5. Initial evaluation of a gender-inclusive version of the Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale.
  6. Why LGBTQ+ campus resource centers are essential.
  7. Comparing Prevalence and Correlates of Intimate Partner Sexual Victimization Relative to Other Victim–Offender Relationships in College Students
  8. Addressing rape culture in the LGBTQ+ community through consciousness-raising: a developmental study
  9. An Empirical Exploration Into the Measurement of Rape Culture