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  1. A patient-centered model of mental health care for trauma and minority stress in transgender and gender diverse people: A bottom-up network analysis.
  2. Hazardous substance use among sexual and gender minority adults: A deeper look into distal minority stressors.
  3. The role of PTSD symptom clusters and criterion in predicting future high-risk drug and alcohol use among returning veteran men and women.
  4. Real-time associations between discrimination, cannabis use, and mood among sexual and gender minority individuals.
  5. Life satisfaction following treatment-related reductions in alcohol use and PTSD symptoms: Results from VetChange.
  6. Longitudinal course of mental health symptoms among veterans with and without cannabis use disorder.
  7. What can we learn about transgender and gender diverse mental health?
  8. Understanding motives for and against hazardous drinking and change among returning veterans.
  9. Estimating prevalence of PTSD among veterans with minoritized sexual orientations using electronic health record data.
  10. Parallel process modeling of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and alcohol use severity in returning veterans.
  11. Real-time associations between discrimination and anxious and depressed mood among sexual and gender minorities: The moderating effects of lifetime victimization and identity concealment.
  12. Experiences of trauma, discrimination, microaggressions, and minority stress among trauma-exposed LGBT veterans: Unexpected findings and unresolved service gaps.
  13. Ecological momentary assessment of daily discrimination experiences and nicotine, alcohol, and drug use among sexual and gender minority individuals.