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  1. Predictors of undernutrition among the elderly in Sodo zuriya district Wolaita zone, Ethiopia
  2. Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors in Child and Adolescent Health, 1990 to 2017
  3. Suboptimal child spacing practice and its associated factors among women of child bearing age in Serbo town, JIMMA zone, Southwest Ethiopia
  4. Perinatal outcomes of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy at a referral hospital, Southern Ethiopia
  5. Predictors of Neonatal mortality in Neonatal intensive care unit at referral Hospital in Southern Ethiopia: a retrospective cohort study
  6. Utilization of focused antenatal care service and associated factors among women in Southern Ethiopia
  7. Why Do Some Ethiopian Women Give Birth at Home after Receiving Antenatal Care? Phenomenological Study
  8. Measuring performance_Healthcare Access_Quality Index for 195 countries and territories
  9. Psychological wellbeing of children at public primary schools in Jimma town: An orphan and non-orphan comparative study
  10. Utilization of Long Acting and Permanent Contraceptive Methods and Associated Factors among Married Childbearing Age Women in Bombe District, Southern Ethiopia
  11. Experience of Facility Based Childbirth in Rural Ethiopia: An Exploratory Study of Women’s Perspective
  12. Determinants of use of health facility for childbirth in rural Hadiya zone, Southern Ethiopia