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  1. Longitudinal Analysis of Mask and No-Mask on Child Face Recognition
  2. Synthetic Data Approach for Unconstrained Low-Resolution Face Recognition in Surveillance Applications✱
  3. CALAM: model-based compilation and linguistic statistical analysis of Urdu corpus
  4. PUG-FB : Person-verification using geometric and Haralick features of footprint biometric
  5. Person  Using  Minutiae
  6. Detecting anomalous crowd scenes by oriented Tracklets’ approach in active contour region
  7. Segmentation of crowd flow by trajectory clustering in active contours
  8. Conditional Perceptual Adversarial Variational Autoencoder for Age Progression and Regression on Child Face
  9. POS Tagging and Structural Annotation of Handwritten Text Image Corpus of Devnagari Script
  10. Unsupervised Person Re-ID in Surveillance Feed Using Re-ranking
  11. MIRA : Moment Invariability Analysis of Footprint Features
  12. Oriented Tracklets Approach for Anomalous Scene Detection in High Density Crowd
  13. Retrieval of Facial Images Re-rendered with Natural Aging Effect using Child Facial Image and Age
  14. Secret sharing scheme based on binary trees and Boolean operation
  15. Securing Data Through Steganography and Secret Sharing Schemes: Trapping and Misleading Potential Attackers
  16. Online multi-object tracking: multiple instance based target appearance model
  17. Longitudinal Study of Child Face Recognition
  18. A texture based mani-fold approach for crowd density estimation using Gaussian Markov Random Field
  19. Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Person Re-identification: A Comprehensive Review
  20. Gabor Filter meanPCA Feature Extraction for Gender Recognition
  21. A Large Scale Crowd Density Classification Using Spatio-Temporal Local Binary Pattern
  22. Amalgamated Approach for Devanagari Script Corpus for OCR & Demographic Purpose and XML for Linguistic Annotation
  23. Detailed Analysis of Footprint Geometry for Person Identification
  24. Generalised Spatio Temporal Feature Based Important Activity Synopsis Generation
  25. Foreword and Acknowledgments from the Organizing Chairs
  26. A novel approach for sharing multiple color images by employing Chinese Remainder Theorem
  27. Multi-object trajectory coupling using online target specific decision making
  28. Multi-source approach for crowd density estimation in still images
  29. A Study on Deep Convolutional Neural Network Based Approaches for Person Re-identification
  30. Crowd Monitoring and Classification: A Survey
  31. A Redefined Codebook Model for Dynamic Backgrounds
  32. Surveillance Video Synopsis While Preserving Object Motion Structure and Interaction
  33. A Novel Approach of an (n, n) Multi-Secret Image Sharing Scheme Using Additive Modulo
  34. Efficient and secure multi secret sharing schemes based on boolean XOR and arithmetic modulo
  35. Benchmarking of text segmentation in devnagari handwritten document
  36. Unobtrusive silhouette extraction using multivariate analysis and shadow removal in RGB color model
  37. A novel approach for face detection using hybrid skin color model
  38. A Four-Tier Annotated Urdu Handwritten Text Image Dataset for Multidisciplinary Research on Urdu Script
  39. An (n, n)-Multi Secret Image Sharing Scheme Using Boolean XOR and Modular Arithmetic
  40. A Hybrid Feature Extraction Algorithm for Devanagari Script
  41. Track and Workshop Program Chair Messages
  42. A Robust Multi-Model Approach for Face Detection in Crowd
  43. Person Identification on the Basis of Footprint Geometry
  44. Enhanced Modulo Based Multi Secret Image Sharing Scheme
  45. An improved multi-layer codebook model to eliminate ghost region
  46. Foreground Object Extraction Using Thresholding with Automatic Shadow Removal
  47. A Framework for Compilation of Multi-lingual Handwritten Database: Four Levels XML Ground-Truth
  48. An Adaptive Codebook Model for Change Detection with Dynamic Background
  49. Fast Face Detection Based on Skin Segmentation and Facial Features
  50. Video partitioning by segmenting moving object trajectories
  51. A unified approach for development of Urdu Corpus for OCR and demographic purpose
  52. CALAM: Linguistic Structure to Annotate Handwritten Text Image Corpus
  53. A Novel Segmentation Methodology for Cursive Handwritten Documents
  54. An annotated Urdu corpus of handwritten text image and benchmarking of corpus
  55. An efficient feature extraction method for segmented cursive characters recognition
  56. Script independent feature set for handwritten text recognition
  57. Ligature Segmentation Approach for Urdu Handwritten Text Documents
  58. CRAMM: Character recognition aided by mathematical morphology
  59. Cursive stroke sequencing for handwritten text documents recognition
  60. Cursive Handwritten Text Document Preprocessing Methodologies
  61. A simple and novel adaptive binarization approach for handwritten documents
  62. Language Adaptive Methodology for Handwritten Text Line Segmentation
  63. Handwritten text documents binarization and skew normalization approaches
  64. A Novel Approach of Skew Normalization for Handwritten Text Lines and Words
  65. A Hybrid Method of Feature Extraction for Facial Expression Recognition
  66. Corner Detection to Capture Significant Two Dimensional Intensity Changes
  67. A Gray Level Feature Detector and Its Hardware Architecture
  68. A Fast Fingerprint Classification Algorithm by Tracing Ridge-Flow Patterns
  69. Fast Feature Point Detector
  70. Corner Detection Using Difference Chain Code as Curvature