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  1. Turning toward or away from God: COVID-19 and changes in religious devotion
  2. Sanctification or inhibition? Religious dualities and sexual satisfaction.
  3. Trajectories of sexual well-being among couples in the transition to parenthood.
  4. Longitudinal influence of shared marital power on marital quality and attachment security.
  5. Women have different sexual arousal patterns and most are linked with healthy outcomes
  6. Sex guilt or sanctification? The indirect role of religiosity on sexual satisfaction.
  7. Behind Closed Doors: Individual and Joint Pornography Use Among Romantic Couples
  8. Pornography, provocative sexual media, and their differing associations with multiple aspects of sexual satisfaction
  9. Longitudinal Links between Pornography Use, Marital Importance, and Permissive Sexuality During Emerging Adulthood
  10. Pornography Use and Loneliness: A Bidirectional Recursive Model and Pilot Investigation