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  1. Simulation-aided design of industrial devices for the UV-C irradiation of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Digital Twin Based on Historical Data and Simulation Results: Fault Detection and Estimation of the Remaining Useful Life of a Cyclone Bag Filter
  3. The MEM project: 5 years of experiences, challenges, and outcomes of an international double master-level degree
  4. Simulation and statistical modelling of a heat exchanger for fluid foods
  5. Performance assessment, through CFD simulation, of an ultraviolet reactor for the processing of fruit juices
  6. Design and optimization through simulation of an industrial system for the continuous UV-C treatment of fruits and vegetables
  7. Abatement of volatile organic compounds from the exhaust gases of an industrial bakery oven: comparative analysis of different technological solutions
  8. Warehouse Design and Management: a simulative approach to minimize the distance travelled by pickers