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  1. Maintaining stable transtibial amputee gait on level and simulated uneven conditions in a virtual environment
  2. Evaluation of a Smartphone-based Human Activity Recognition System in a Daily Living Environment
  3. The Effect of Acoustic Impedance on Subsurface Absorber Geometry Reconstruction using 1D Frequency-Domain Photoacoustics
  4. Improving classification of sit, stand, and lie in a smartphone human activity recognition system
  5. Adaptation behavior of skilled infant bouncers to different spring frequencies
  6. Feature Selection for Wearable Smartphone-Based Human Activity Recognition with Able bodied, Elderly, and Stroke Patients
  7. Combining low sampling frequency smartphone sensors and video for a Wearable Mobility Monitoring System
  8. Toolbox for the Computation of 2D Fourier Transforms in Polar Coordinates via Maple
  9. A structured method for the design-for-frequency of a brace-soundboard system using a scalloped brace
  10. Building a symbolic computer algebra toolbox to compute 2D Fourier transforms in polar coordinates
  11. Developing a Smartphone-based mobility monitoring app
  12. A structured approach to design-for-frequency problems using the Cayley-Hamilton theorem
  13. Application of the generalized shift operator to the Hankel transform
  14. The Gaussian Shear Wave in a Dispersive Medium
  15. Design and Development of a Low-Cost Multisensor Inertial Data Acquisition System for Sailing
  16. How to modify beam frequencies to desired frequencies by adding masses to the beam
  17. Can a brace be used to control the frequencies of a plate?
  18. Differentiating two daily activities through analysis of short ambulatory video clips
  19. Characteristics of a dual force plate system embedded in a six degree of freedom motion platform
  20. Temperature and measurement changes over time for F-Scan sensors
  21. Vibrations due to Flow-Driven Repeated Impacts
  22. Effects of using scalloped shape braces on the natural frequencies of a brace-soundboard system
  23. Effects of a Scalloped and Rectangular Brace on the Modeshapes of a Brace-Plate System
  24. Multidimensional Wave Field Signal Theory: Transfer Function Relationships
  25. Recent Advances in Vibrations Analysis
  26. Are you using Fourier or Hankel transforms with the wave equation? This article can help.
  27. Signal processing of heart signals for the quantification of non-deterministic events
  28. Fourier 'rules' for using 2D Fourier transforms in polar coordinates
  29. Operational and convolution properties of three-dimensional Fourier transforms in spherical polar coordinates
  30. Operational and convolution properties of two-dimensional Fourier transforms in polar coordinates
  31. A multi-dimensional transfer function approach to photo-acoustic signal analysis
  32. Theory and analysis of frequency-domain photoacoustic tomography
  33. Nonlinearly coupled in-plane and transverse vibrations of a spinning disk
  34. Fourier diffraction theorem for diffusion-based thermal tomography
  35. Time-averaged canonical perturbation of nonlinear vibrations of a spinning disk
  36. Laser-induced photothermoacoustic pressure-wave pulses in a polystyrene well and water system used for photomechanical drug delivery
  37. Inspection of an end quenched 0.15%–0.2% C, 0.6%–0.9% Mn steel jominy bar with photothermal radiometric techniques
  38. Photothermal depth profilometry of heat-treated hardened 0.15%–0.2%C, 0.6%–0.9%Mn Steels
  39. Transverse depth-profilometric hardness photothermal phase imaging of heat treated steels
  40. Quantitative measurements of sliding friction coefficients of tribological interfaces with a new differential infrared radiometric instrument