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  1. Characterization of nanosensitive multifractality in submicron scale tissue morphology and its alteration in tumor progression
  2. Noninvasive detection of nanoscale structural changes in cornea associated with cross‐linking treatment
  3. Application of over-sampling nano-sensitive optical coherence tomography for monitoring corneal internal structural changes in corneal cross-linking
  4. Characterization of nano sensitive sub-micron scale tissue-structural multifractality and its alteration in tumor progress
  5. Development of HR-SD-OCT system using supercontinuum light source and its application in detecting nanoscale changes
  6. Two dimensional multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis of low coherence images for diagnosis of cervical pre-cancer
  7. Nanoscale structure detection and monitoring of tumour growth with optical coherence tomography
  8. Depth resolved nano-scale structural characterization
  9. Label Free Ultra-Sensitive Imaging with Sub-Diffraction Spatial Resolution
  10. Nano sensitive study and fractal analysis of segmented retinal layers in Fourier domain OCT: promises for early disease detection
  11. Quantitative assessment of submicron scale anisotropy in tissue multifractality by scattering Mueller matrix in the framework of Born approximation
  12. Submicron scale tissue multifractal anisotropy in polarized laser light scattering
  13. Tissue multifractality and hidden Markov model based integrated framework for optimum precancer detection
  14. Raman Plus X: Biomedical Applications of Multimodal Raman Spectroscopy
  15. Probing multifractality in depth-resolved refractive index fluctuations in biological tissues using backscattering spectral interferometry
  16. Mueller matrix approach for probing multifractality in the underlying anisotropic connective tissue
  17. Investigation of alterations in multifractality in optical coherence tomographic images ofin vivohuman retina
  18. Optical diagnosis of colon and cervical cancer by support vector machine
  19. Multifractality in depth dependent tissue refractive index variations probed via low-coherence back scattering spectroscopy
  20. Diagnosing Heterogeneous Dynamics for CT Scan Images of Human Brain in Wavelet and MFDFA Domain
  21. Tissue multifractality and Born approximation in analysis of light scattering: a novel approach for precancers detection
  22. Wavelet and multi-fractal based analysis on DIC images in epithelium region to detect and diagnose the cancer progress among different grades of tissues
  23. Fractal anisotropy in tissue refractive index fluctuations: potential role in precancer detection
  24. Pre-cancer detection by wavelet transform and multi-fractality in various grades of DIC stromal images
  25. Quantitative Mueller matrix fluorescence spectroscopy for precancer detection
  26. Probing multi-scale self-similarity of tissue structures using light scattering spectroscopy: prospects in pre-cancer detection
  27. Probing multifractality in tissue refractive index: prospects for precancer detection