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  1. Developing a modified total interpretive structural model (M-TISM) for organizational strategic cybersecurity management
  2. Use of microblogging platform for digital communication in politics
  3. Black swan: bibliometric analysis and development of research agenda
  4. Interpretive Ranking of Choice of Interaction of Parent Firms Post-International Joint Venture Termination using TISM-IRP
  5. Factors affecting the choice of interaction after the international joint venture termination in Africa: Total interpretive structural modeling
  6. Strategic management: The evolution of the field
  7. Global marketplace strategy and choice of interaction after termination of international joint venture
  8. Factors that drive development of technological entrepreneurship in South Asia
  9. Twitter analysis of founders of top 25 Indian startups
  10. Post termination interaction in international joint ventures (IJV)
  11. efin Recruiters: at the crossroads of the Indian RPO Industry
  12. Purpose of international joint venture and interaction post termination
  13. Banking on Innovation, Innovation in Banking at ICICI Bank