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  1. Current Advances of Liquid Biopsies in Prostate Cancer: Molecular Biomarkers
  2. Role of exosomal ncRNAs released by M2 macrophages in tumor progression of gastrointestinal cancers
  3. Exhaustion and over-activation of immune cells in COVID-19: Challenges and therapeutic opportunities
  4. Corrigendum to “Insights into the implementation of Fibronectin 1 in the cartilage tissue engineering” [Biomed. Pharmacother. 148 (2022) 112782]
  5. Promising use of immune cell‐derived exosomes in the treatment of SARS‐CoV‐2 infections
  6. New perspectives on the potential effect of Fibronectin 1 in the engineering of cartilage tissue
  7. The Homeostasis of Cartilage Matrix Remodeling and the Regulation of Volume-Sensitive Ion Channel
  8. Indoleamine 2, 3 Dioxygenase 1 Impairs Chondrogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Joint of Osteoarthritis Mice Model
  9. Exosome-Mediated Drug Delivery for Cell-Free Therapy of Osteoarthritis
  10. The article explains the specific role of IRE-1 in the apoptosis of chondrocytes
  11. Kynurenine pathway in pancreatic caner
  12. Screening and verification of hub genes involved in osteoarthritis using bioinformatics
  13. Overexpression of MAPK-14 pathway in the chondrocytes indicates cell death
  14. The efficiency of distress thermometer in the determination of supporting needs for cancer inpatients
  15. New Method in the treatment of osteoarthritis using tolerogenic DCs
  16. The Role SFTL1 play in the Osteoarthritis
  17. Juxtacortic Chondromyxoid Fibroma in Proximal Humerus
  18. Ketofol performance to reduce postoperative emergence agitation in children undergoing adenotonsillectomy
  19. Intra-articular injection of hUC-MSCs expressing miR-140-5p induces cartilage self-repairing in the rat osteoarthritis
  20. Overexpression of ClC-3 Chloride Channel in Chondrosarcoma: An In Vivo Immunohistochemical Study with Tissue Microarray
  21. Novel mutant P277 peptide VP to ameliorate atherogenic side-effects and to preserve anti-diabetic effects in NOD mice
  22. Up-regulation of miR-210 induced by a hypoxic microenvironment promotes breast cancer stem cells metastasis, proliferation, and self-renewal by targeting E-cadherin
  23. New DiaP277 analogue shifts DCs to tolerogenic, and modulates NF-Kβ1 to suppress autoreactive T lymphocytes in the type 1 diabetic mice
  24. Massive molecular efficiency of 1- Methyl-d-tryptophan in the tumor microenvironment
  25. Pancreatic like stem cells proliferation
  26. This work was designed to optimize drug delivery by using stem cells
  27. new vaccine , prostate cancer inhibition
  28. A new analogue of GLP-1 peptide showed novel effect on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
  29. a novel long-acting dual-function GLP-1 analog
  30. Targeted delivery of doxorubicin by nano-loaded mesenchymal stem cells for lung melanoma metastases therapy
  31. Detection of Dengue Fever Virus Serotype – 4 by using One-Step Real-Time RT-PCR in Hodeidah, Yemen