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  1. “Beating Your Head Against the Wall”: Burnout on the Rise Among Local Health Department Communication Officials
  2. “It Frustrates Me Beyond Words That I Can’t Fix that”: Health Misinformation Correction on Facebook During COVID-19
  3. Climate Change Journalism in Pakistan
  4. Ethnic Newspaper Industry in Pakistan and Impacts of Corporate Ownership
  5. Crisis communication for public organizations: Examining Pakistan Railways' use of information technology and social media for image repair
  6. Climate Justice in the Majority World
  7. Ethical Dimensions of Climate and Environmental Issues in Pakistani Media
  8. Opioids in Satirical News Shows: Exploring Topics, Sentiments, and Engagement in Last Week Tonight on YouTube
  9. The COVID-19 pandemic and international students: A mixed-methods approach to relationships between social media use, social support, and mental health
  10. Politics triumphs: a topic modeling approach of analyzing news media coverage of climate change in Pakistan
  11. Advocacy journalism and climate justice in a Global Southern country
  12. Building a Media Literate Society: Pathways to Improve Media and Information Literacy Education in Pakistan
  13. Examining the Factors Influencing Tourists’ Destination: A Case of Nanhai Movie Theme Park in China
  14. Understanding public reactions to state security officials’ suicide cases in online news comments
  15. Race/ethnicity, online information and COVID-19 vaccination: Study of minority immigrants’ internet use for health-related information
  16. COVID-19 and national images: the case of #ResignModi
  17. A pandemic of hate: Social representations of COVID‐19 in the media
  18. Social media use for health, cultural characteristics, and demographics: A survey of Pakistani millennials
  19. International migrants and coronavirus disease 2019 vaccinations: Social Media, motivated information management, and vaccination willingness
  20. Social Media for Social Support
  21. Journalistic routines as factors promoting COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Pakistan
  22. “We always report under pressure”: Professionalism and journalistic identity among regional journalists in a conflict zone
  23. COVID-19 Vaccine Selfie: Why Does It Matter?
  24. Understanding Influences, Misinformation, and Fact-Checking Concerning Climate-Change Journalism in Pakistan
  25. COVID-19 vaccine selfie can increase vaccine acceptance among social media users
  26. Social representation of historically marginalized Christian sanitary workers in Pakistan media
  27. How journalists perceive media convergence in a developing country
  28. “The Disabled Community Is Still Waiting for Equality”: What do Users Have to say About Sexual Reproductive Health of Persons With Disabilities in Online News Comments
  29. COVID-19 related conspiracy theories in Pakistan
  30. China’s Belt and Road Initiative and soft power in Pakistan: an examination of the local English-language press
  31. #Scamdemic, #Plandemic, or #Scaredemic: What Parler Social Media Platform Tells Us About COVID-19 Vaccine
  32. Polio vaccine misinformation on social media: turning point in the fight against polio eradication in Pakistan
  33. Health and Safety Risks to Journalists During Pandemics
  34. Online discussion about polio vaccine in user comments
  35. Ethical Reporting in Media on Suicide
  36. Medical misinformation on social media in Pakistan
  37. Use of news media and perception of misinformation regarding COVID-19
  38. The Use of Social Media on Political Participation Among University Students: An Analysis of Survey Results From Rural Pakistan
  39. Newspaper Suicide Reporting in a Muslim Country
  40. Digitization of the health sector in Pakistan