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  1. a new hybrid architecture studio education to support blended learning post-COVID-19
  2. Smart Classroom Adoption in Higher Education: A Thematic Review
  3. Exploring immersive learning technology as learning tools in experiential learning for architecture design education
  4. Performance-based identity in a BIM environment: an architect's perceptions and experiences
  5. Housing design studies in Saudi Arabia: A thematic Review
  6. The recent trends on prefabricated buildings with circular economy (CE) approach
  7. The best practices in marketing strategies for the Malaysian business event industry.
  8. Analysis of Patterns and Trends for Future Studies of IBS in Malaysia
  9. Investigating immersive learning technology intervention in architecture education: a systematic literature review
  10. Introducing ARC (Asking, Record, Confirm) for Member Checking Validation Strategy
  11. Risk Management Benefits and Challenges In Malaysia’s Landscape Architecture Project
  12. Risk Management Challenges in Malaysia’s Landscape Architecture Project
  13. Redefining the territory and competency of architectural practitioners within a BIM-based environment: a systematic review
  14. Introducing ARC (ask, record and confirm) as the new validating technique in real-time
  15. Innovation in Flexible Housing for Modern Affordable Housing Solution in Malaysia
  16. Affordable Housing and Circular Economy for Middle Income Group (M40) in Malaysia