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  1. Recognition of cardiac events on-site
  2. Dry Eye Disease is often overlooked by patients
  3. A review of global Schistosomiasis and its consequences
  4. Does the delivery of interprofessional education have an effect on stereotypical views of healthcare students in Qatar?
  5. DMI is a differential diagnosis for longstanding diabetics with sudden unexplained lower limb pain.
  6. Vaccination Abstract
  7. Parkinsoniasm
  8. An update and review of medical emergencies in flight
  9. Treatment views on Crohn's Disease
  10. Health-related quality of life in midlife women in Qatar
  11. Engaging with other drivers to provide safety reminders
  12. Vitamin D research
  13. Working and learning from others
  14. Concepts of organ donation
  15. Leadership role played by Qatar in primary care
  16. Primary care
  17. Driver behavior by ethnic analysis
  18. Pain research
  19. Working and learning between healthcare professionals
  20. Death notice