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  1. Through the medical lens: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
  2. Sequels of the COVID-19 pandemic on prehospital care professionals
  3. A Testbed Implementation of a Biometric Identity-Based Encryption for IoMT-enabled Healthcare System
  4. Ethnic differences in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest among Middle Eastern Arabs and North African populations living in Qatar
  5. Addressing the challenges of ECMO simulation
  6. Overview of the role and functions of clinical simulation centre coordinators and technicians
  7. Engaging with other drivers to provide safety reminders
  8. Collecting information from the scene of a motor vehicle collision: The mechanism of injury
  9. Promoting driving safety in an Ambulance Service
  10. Supporting Students' Learning Experiences through a Pocket Size Cue Card Designed around a Reflective Simulation Framework
  11. Standards of Best Practice: Simulation Standard IX: Simulation Design
  12. Redefining Simulation Fidelity for Healthcare Education
  13. Setting Conditions for Productive Debriefing
  14. An integrated ABCDE approach to managing medical emergencies using CRM principles
  15. Board #200 - Program Innovation Development of a Multi-disciplinary Simulation-based Training Course for the Safe High Acuity Adult Retrieval Programme (SHAARP) (Submission #9978)
  16. Immersive Clinical Simulation in Undergraduate Health Care Interprofessional Education: Knowledge and Perceptions
  17. Ambulance service operational improvement
  18. International overview of high-level simulation education initiatives in relation to critical care
  19. A model to embed clinical simulation training during ambulance shift work
  20. Créer un centre de simulation et le rendre viable
  21. Use of Simulation in Nursing Education: Initial Experiences on a European Union Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci Project
  22. Push for technology enhanced learning…with what you can afford
  23. Push for technology enhanced learning…with what you can afford
  24. The growing trend of simulation as a form of clinical education: a global perspective
  25. A Path to Better Healthcare Simulation Systems
  26. Development and design of objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE) in undergraduate pharmacy education in a new School of Pharmacy in England
  27. A guide to setting up a simulation training unit within an ambulance trust
  28. Developing High-Fidelity Health Care Simulation Scenarios: A Guide for Educators and Professionals
  29. Skills benefits of advanced simulation training
  30. All-in-one-room Schoolhouse
  31. The Patient Simulation Suite
  32. Prosperous Simulation Under an Institution's Threadbare Financial Blanket
  33. The Simulation Professional
  34. Basing a Nonclinician's Career upon Simulation
  35. Questionnaire Design and Use
  36. Professional Stage Craft
  37. Learning Through Play
  38. Pitfalls to Avoid in Designing and Executing Research with Clinical Simulation
  39. Simulation Audio/Video Requirements and Working with Audio/Video Installation Professionals
  40. Opening of an Enhancing Trainees' Learning Experiences through the Advanced Multiprofessional Simulation Training Facility at the University of Hertfordshire
  41. A typology of educationally focused medical simulation tools
  42. Effectiveness of intermediate-fidelity simulation training technology in undergraduate nursing education
  43. 12-Lead ECG training: The way forward
  44. An investigation into the use of simulation and clinical skills training in the students’ preparation for practice
  45. Accredited University Module for clinical simulation facilitators at the University of Hertfordshire.
  46. Reflective Simulation: Enhancing the student’ learning experiences through structure and guidance
  47. Development of a new multi-professional clinical simulation centre at the University of Hertfordshire.
  48. Determining the value of simulation in nurse education: study design and initial results
  49. Nursing students’ and lecturers’ perspectives of objective structured clinical examination incorporating simulation