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  1. Prevalence and predictors of musculoskeletal health complaints among sedentary, monotonous urban workers: A survey in Bangladesh
  2. Clinical practice pattern of managing low back pain among physiotherapists in Bangladesh: A cross-sectional study
  3. Status of post-lockdown mental well-being in Bangladeshi adults: A survey amidst COVID-19 pandemic
  4. Coronavirus infection can cause low back pain
  5. What is driving unwillingness to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in adult Bangladeshi after one year of vaccine rollout? Analysis of observational data
  6. Parental COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy for children with neurodevelopmental disorders: a cross-sectional survey
  7. Parental coronavirus disease vaccine hesitancy for children in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional study
  8. Depression, anxiety, stress, and suicidal behavior among Bangladeshi undergraduate rehabilitation students: An observational study amidst the COVID‐19 pandemic
  9. Parental coronavirus disease vaccine hesitancy for children in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional study
  10. Combined Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation and Physiotherapy on Reducing Pain Among Adult Patients With Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Quasi-Experimental Clinical Trial
  11. Prevalence and Patterns of Risk of Osteoporosis in Bangladeshi Adult Population: An Analysis of Calcaneus Quantitative Ultrasound Measurements
  12. Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, and Fear of COVID-19: an Online-Based Cross-cultural Study
  13. COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Bangladesh
  14. Association between daily commute and subjective health complaints among the office workers in an urban community
  15. Prevalence of mental health symptoms and its effect on insomnia among healthcare workers who attended hospitals during COVID-19 pandemic: A survey in Dhaka city
  16. Economic stressors and mental health symptoms among Bangladeshi rehabilitation professionals: A cross-sectional study amid COVID-19 pandemic
  17. Effect of in-house crowding on childhood hospital admissions for acute respiratory infection: A matched case–control study in Bangladesh
  18. Traffic Congestion and Physical Health of Commuters: Perspective of Dhaka City
  19. Road traffic delays in commuting workplace and musculoskeletal health among sedentary workers: A cross‐sectional study in Dhaka city
  20. Lock-down and Mental Health
  21. Immediate impact of stay-at-home orders to control COVID-19 transmission on mental well-being in Bangladeshi adult population: Patterns, Explanations, and future directions
  22. Vitamin D Supplementation among Elderly and Pain Patients amid COVID-19 pandemic
  23. Knowledge, attitude, practice and fear of COVID-19: A cross-cultural study
  24. Mental wellbeing in the Bangladeshi healthy population during nationwide lockdown over COVID-19: an online cross-sectional survey
  25. Occupational factors and low back pain