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  1. Density regulation in Northeast Atlantic fish populations: Density dependence is stronger in recruitment than in somatic growth
  2. Modelling fitness changes in wild Atlantic salmon populations faced by spawning intrusion of domesticated escapees
  3. Reproductive investment in Atlantic cod populations off Newfoundland: Contrasting trends between males and females
  4. A global biogeographic classification of the mesopelagic zone
  5. Reply to Enberg and Jørgensen: Ecology and evolution both matter for explaining stock dynamics
  6. Effects of ambient oxygen and size-selective mortality on growth and maturation in guppies
  7. Roles of density-dependent growth and life history evolution in accounting for fisheries-induced trait changes
  8. Balanced harvest: utopia, failure, or a functional strategy?
  9. Are negative intra-specific interactions important for recruitment dynamics? A case study of Atlantic fish stocks
  10. Fisheries-Induced Evolution
  11. The effect of the North Atlantic Subpolar Front as a boundary in pelagic biogeography decreases with increasing depth and organism size
  12. IBSEM: An Individual-Based Atlantic Salmon Population Model
  13. Genetic introgression of farmed salmon in native populations: quantifying the relative influence of population size and frequency of escapees
  14. Opposite selection on behavioural types by active and passive fishing gears in a simulated guppyPoecilia reticulatafishery
  15. Life-history implications of the allometric scaling of growth
  16. Using simulated escape events to assess the annual numbers and destinies of escaped farmed Atlantic salmon of different life stages from farm sites in Norway
  17. What can selection experiments teach us about fisheries-induced evolution?
  18. Overlooked biological and economic implications of within-season fishery dynamics
  19. An overview of marine fisheries management in China
  20. Evolution of age and length at maturation of A laskan salmon under size‐selective harvest
  21. Ecological and evolutionary effects of harvesting: lessons from the candy-fish experiment
  22. Is size-dependent pricing prevalent in fisheries? The case of Norwegian demersal and pelagic fisheries
  23. The importance of social dimension and maturation stage for the probabilistic maturation reaction norm inPoecilia reticulata
  24. Can fisheries-induced evolution shift reference points for fisheries management?
  25. A bio-economic analysis of harvest control rules for the Northeast Arctic cod fishery
  27. Evolutionary impact assessment: accounting for evolutionary consequences of fishing in an ecosystem approach to fisheries management
  28. Growth and maturation of Korean chum salmon under changing environmental conditions
  29. Function-valued adaptive dynamics and optimal control theory
  31. Comparing rates of contemporary evolution in life-history traits for exploited fish stocks
  32. Stock–catch analysis of carp recreational fisheries in Czech reservoirs: Insights into fish survival, water body productivity and impact of extreme events
  33. Secondary sexual characteristics in codfishes (Gadidae) in relation to sound production, habitat use and social behaviour
  34. Temporal stability of the maturation schedule of capelinMallotus villosusin the Barents Sea
  35. Seasonal dynamics of growth and mortality suggest contrasting population structure and ecology for cod, pollack, and saithe in a Norwegian fjord
  36. Reconsidering the Consequences of Selective Fisheries
  37. Does size matter? A bioeconomic perspective on optimal harvesting when price is size-dependent
  38. Investigating the drivers of maturation dynamics in Barents Sea haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus)
  40. Fishing-induced evolution of growth: concepts, mechanisms and the empirical evidence
  42. Evolutionary principles and their practical application
  43. Evolution in agriculture: the application of evolutionary approaches to the management of biotic interactions in agro-ecosystems
  44. Reduced daylength stimulates size-dependent precocious maturity in 0+ male Atlantic salmon parr
  45. Catchability of pelagic trawls for sampling deep-living nekton in the mid-North Atlantic
  46. Divergent trends in life-history traits between Atlantic salmonSalmo salarof wild and hatchery origin in the Baltic Sea
  47. Trophic ecology of blue whiting in the Barents Sea
  48. Temporal trends in probabilistic maturation reaction norms and growth of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) on the Icelandic shelf
  49. Fisheries-induced Evolution
  50. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Implications of fisheries-induced evolution for stock rebuilding and recovery
  51. EDITORIAL: Toward Darwinian fisheries management
  52. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Propensity of marine reserves to reduce the evolutionary effects of fishing in a migratory species
  53. Sustainable Use of Populations and Overexploitation
  54. Norwegian spring-spawning herring as the test case of piecewise linear regression method for detecting maturation from growth patterns
  55. Evolution of growth in Gulf of St Lawrence cod?
  56. Evolutionary consequences of fishing and their implications for salmon
  57. Importance of fish biodiversity for the management of fisheries and ecosystems
  58. Migrations and hydrography determine the abundance fluctuations of blue whiting (Micromesistius poutassou) in the Barents Sea
  59. Vertical structure, biomass and topographic association of deep-pelagic fishes in relation to a mid-ocean ridge system
  60. Ecology: Managing Evolving Fish Stocks
  61. Interactions between economic growth and environmental quality in Shenzhen, China's first special economic zone
  62. Climate change and condition of herring (Clupea harengus) explain long-term trends in extent of skipped reproduction
  63. The adaptive dynamics of function-valued traits
  64. Function-valued adaptive dynamics and the calculus of variations
  65. Scale analysis suggests frequent skipping of the second reproductive season in Atlantic herring
  66. Assessing changes in age and size at maturation in collapsing populations of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)
  67. Maturation of Newfoundland American plaice (): long-term trends in maturation reaction norms despite low fishing mortality?
  68. Northward range extensions of some mesopelagic fishes in the Northeastern Atlantic
  69. Adaptive changes in harvested populations: plasticity and evolution of age and size at maturation
  70. Maturity changes in Norwegian spring-spawning herring before, during, and after a major population collapse
  71. Managing marine genetic diversity: time for action?
  72. Metapopulation-level adaptation of insect host plant preference and extinction–colonization dynamics in heterogeneous landscapes
  73. Unexpected discontinuities in life-history evolution under size-dependent mortality
  74. Estimating reaction norms for age and size at maturation with reconstructed immature size distributions: a new technique illustrated by application to Northeast Arctic cod
  75. The dawn of Darwinian fishery management
  76. Global Warming and International Fishery Management: Does Anticipation of the Temperature Change Matter?