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  1. Interplay between ROS and Autophagy in Cancer and Aging: From Molecular Mechanisms to Novel Therapeutic Approaches
  2. Sestrins control ROS and autophagy
  3. Interplay between hepatic mitochondria-associated membranes, lipid metabolism and caveolin-1 in mice
  4. Lipid metabolism is dependent on cell cycle stage, which is in turn modulated by insulin signalling
  5. Signaling Networks Converge on TORC1-SREBP Activity to Promote Endoplasmic Reticulum Homeostasis
  6. Functional coupling of transcription and splicing
  7. The FF4 and FF5 Domains of Transcription Elongation Regulator 1 (TCERG1) Target Proteins to the Periphery of Speckles
  8. Differential RNAi screening provides insights into the rewiring of signalling networks during oxidative stress
  9. Spatial Organization and Dynamics of Transcription Elongation and Pre-mRNA Processing in Live Cells
  10. Differential Effects of Sumoylation on Transcription and Alternative Splicing by Transcription Elongation Regulator 1 (TCERG1)
  11. Human Transcription Elongation Factor CA150 Localizes to Splicing Factor-Rich Nuclear Speckles and Assembles Transcription and Splicing Components into Complexes through Its Amino and Carboxyl Regions