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  1. The intersection of gender-based violence and risky sexual behaviour among university students in Ethiopia: a qualitative study
  2. #MeToo and Google Inquiries Into Sexual Violence: A Hashtag Campaign Can Sustain Information Seeking
  3. Interventions targeting social cognitive determinants of condom use in the general Sub-Saharan population: A Systematic Review
  4. Consequences of sexual victimization among university students
  5. Cross-Generational Sex in Tanzania
  6. HIV testing in Tanzania
  7. Women's sexual health and experiences in Nepal
  8. Belief in herbal cures for HIV in Tanzania
  9. ‘This is a natural process’: managing menstrual stigma in Nepal
  10. Evaluation of the “Let's Talk” Safer Sex Intervention in Nepal
  11. Cross-Generational Sex in Tanzania
  12. Let's Talk About Sex: Development of a Sexual Health Program for Nepali Women
  13. Cancer registries in four provinces in Turkey: A case study
  14. Testing of theHealthy “Little” Lives Project: A Training Program for Big Sister Mentors
  15. “It's Just a Fantasy for a Couple of Hours”: Ethnography of a Nude Male Show Bar
  16. Examining Factors Co-Existing with Interpersonal Violence in Lesbian Relationships
  17. Gender attitudes, sexual power, HIV risk: a model for understanding HIV risk behavior of South African men
  18. Alcohol Use and Sexual Risks for HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: Systematic Review of Empirical Findings