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  1. Barriers to use of institutional childbirth services: a qualitative study in the rural Jimma Zone, Ethiopia
  2. The intersection of gender-based violence and risky sexual behaviour among university students in Ethiopia: a qualitative study
  3. Maternity waiting areas – serving all women? Barriers and enablers of an equity-oriented maternal health intervention in Jimma Zone, Ethiopia
  4. The effect of psychometric variables in predicting physical activity behavior among diabetes mellitus type-2 patients
  5. Malaria Related Perceptions, Care Seeking after Onset of Fever and Anti-Malarial Drug Use in Malaria Endemic Settings of Southwest Ethiopia
  6. Access to and use gaps of insecticide-treated nets among communities in Jimma Zone, southwestern Ethiopia: baseline results from malaria education interventions
  7. Predictors of HIV-test utilization in PMTCT among antenatal care attendees in government health centers: institution-based cross-sectional study using health belief model in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2013
  8. Sexual behaviors and associated factors among antiretroviral treatment attendees in Ethiopia
  9. Compliance with Iron-Folate Supplement and Associated Factors among Antenatal Care Attendant Mothers in Misha District, South Ethiopia: Community Based Cross-Sectional Study
  10. Stigma Against People with HIV/AIDS in Rural Ethiopia, 2005 to 2011: Signs and Predictors of Improvement
  11. Predictors of refusal of provider initiated HIV testing among clients visiting adult outpatient departments in Jimma town, Oromia Region, Ethiopia: unmatched case control study
  12. Stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV by healthcare providers, Southwest Ethiopia
  13. Self Care Behavior among Patients with Diabetes in Harari, Eastern Ethiopia: The Health Belief Model Perspective
  14. Determinants of non-compliance with Antiretroviral Therapy among adults living with HIV/AIDS: A Systematic Review
  15. Risky driving behaviors for road traffic accident among drivers in Mekele city, Northern Ethiopia