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  1. High-Order Moment-Encoded Kinetic Simulation of Turbulent Flows
  2. Fluid-Solid Coupling in Kinetic Two-Phase Flow Simulation
  3. Building a Virtual Weakly-Compressible Wind Tunnel Testing Facility
  4. Somigliana Coordinates: an elasticity-derived approach for cage deformation
  5. Go Green: General Regularized Green’s Functions for Elasticity
  6. Efficient kinetic simulation of two-phase flows
  7. Efficiently cutting a 3D domain into a volumetric decomposition through a series of planar cuts
  8. Q-zip
  9. Dynamic Upsampling of Smoke through Dictionary-based Learning
  10. New computational tool to extract flow structures from sparse 2D trajectories of passive tracers.
  11. Discrete Connection and Covariant Derivative for Vector Field Analysis and Design
  12. Space-time editing of elastic motion through material optimization and reduction