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  1. SNTA'22
  2. Mining frequent items in unstructured P2P networks
  3. Space-Efficient Verifiable Secret Sharing Using Polynomial Interpolation
  4. Fast and accurate mining of correlated heavy hitters
  5. Parallel space saving on multi- and many-core processors
  6. On Frequency Estimation and Detection of Frequent Items in Time Faded Streams
  7. Mining frequent items in the time fading model
  8. A parallel space saving algorithm for frequent items and the Hurwitz zeta distribution
  9. On the Equivalence of Two Security Notions for Hierarchical Key Assignment Schemes in the Unconditional Setting
  10. Message from BDSE2013 Chairs
  11. Peer-to-peer data discovery in health centers
  12. Preference–Based Matchmaking of Grid Resources with CP–Nets
  13. Message from IIHCI 2012 Workshop Organizers
  14. Finding frequent items in parallel
  15. Special Section: Grid and Pervasive Computing 2009
  16. Deterministic parallel selection algorithms on coarse-grained multicomputers
  17. Special Issue: 3rd International Workshop on Workflow Management and Applications in Grid Environments (WaGe2008)
  18. Near real-time parallel processing and advanced data management of SAR images in grid environments
  19. Advances in the GRelC Data Access Service
  20. The Grid Resource Broker workflow engine
  21. A Bioinfomatics Grid Alignment Toolkit
  22. A GRelC based Data Grid Management Environment
  23. A Grid-Based Bioinformatics Wrapper for Biological Databases
  24. Advances in the ProGenGrid Workflow Management System
  25. Editorial Message: First Workshop on Advances in High-Performance E-Science Middleware and Applications
  26. The Grid Resource BrokerWorkflow Engine
  27. A Grid-Enabled Protein Secondary Structure Predictor
  28. A Grid System for the Ingestion of Biological Data into a Relational DBMS
  29. GReIC data gather service
  30. GRelC DAS: A Grid-DB Access Service for gLite Based Production Grids
  31. The Grid Resource Broker portal
  32. A Split & Merge Data Management Architecture for a Grid Environment
  33. An agent infrastructure for on-demand processing of remote-sensing archives
  34. A semantic grid-based data access and integration service for bioinformatics
  35. A grid-based architecture for earth observation data access
  36. A problem solving environment for remote sensing data processing
  37. Advanced delivery mechanisms in the GRelC project
  38. G-AQFS: grid computing exploitation for the management of air quality in presence of complex meteorological circulations
  39. The GRelC library: a basic pillar in the grid relational catalog architecture
  40. A dynamic earth observation system
  41. Early experiences with the GridFTP protocol using the GRB-GSIFTP library
  42. Web access to supercomputing
  43. An Architectural Overview of the GRelC Data Access Service
  44. GridSAT: Grid enabled Satellite Architecture for Reliable Transmissions
  45. ProGenGrid: A Workflow Service Infrastructure for Composing and Executing Bioinformatics Grid Services
  46. Early experiences with the EGrid testbed