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  1. Credibility premium for rate-making systems
  2. Designing a model for entrepreneurial intentions of agricultural students
  3. Factors Influencing Consumers' Attitudes Toward Organic Agricultural Products
  4. On the Bayesian estimation for Cronbach's alpha
  5. Modeling forest fires in Mazandaran Province, Iran
  6. Modeling behavior pattern of Iranian organic paddy farmers
  7. The Requirements of Organic Pomegranate Marketing from Paveh Growers’s Perspective
  8. Identifying Requirements of Agricultural Mobile Marketing from Experts’ Perception
  9. A Gender Sensitive Analysis Towards Organic Agriculture: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
  10. Factors contributing to academic achievement: a Bayesian structure equation modelling study
  11. A maximum-entropy approach to the linear credibility formula
  12. The Economic, Political and Legal Factors in Enhancing Partnership between Public and Private Sector in Developing Agricultural Biotechnology in Iran
  13. Determining Extension Challenges of Agricultural Biotechnology from Experts Perception
  14. A feasibility study of mobile learning in rural areas: a case study in the northern part of Iran
  15. A Hybrid Course for Probability and Statistics for Engineers: An E-Readiness Study at Shahid Beheshti University