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  1. Measuring the Activity of Mental Health Services in England: Variation in Categorising Activity for Payment Purposes
  2. Can productivity growth measures identify best performing hospitals? Evidence from the English National Health Service
  3. Prospective payment systems and discretionary coding-Evidence from English mental health providers
  4. How the way doctors are paid affects what they do.
  5. Funding approaches for mental health services: is there still a role for clustering?
  6. First do no harm – The impact of financial incentives on dental X-rays
  7. How do time trends in inhospital mortality compare? A retrospective study of England and Scotland over 17 years using administrative data
  8. Getting the right balance? A mixed logit analysis of the relationship between UK training doctors’ characteristics and their specialties using the 2013 National Training Survey
  9. End-Of-Life Medical Spending In Last Twelve Months Of Life Is Lower Than Previously Reported
  10. Editorial changes
  11. Elective hospital admissions: secondary data analysis and modelling with an emphasis on policies to moderate growth
  12. Policies towards hospital and GP competition in five European countries
  13. Editorial of special issue “Industrial organisation of the health sector and public policy”
  14. Medical Spending and Hospital Inpatient Care in England: An Analysis over Time
  15. Integrating funds for health and social care: an evidence review
  16. Provider payment bares teeth: Dentist reimbursement and the use of check-up examinations
  17. Editorial changes
  18. Collective Purchasing of Health Care
  19. In recognition of Anthony J. Culyer
  20. Editorial: The Scottish Journal of Political Economy's 60th Birthday Issue
  21. Comparing the treatment provided by UK and non-UK trained health professionals: Dentists in Scotland
  22. An analysis of patient expenditure in the GDS in Scotland 1998–2007
  23. Trade Liberalisation, Market Structure and the Incentive to Merge
  24. Mortality associated with in-hospital bacteraemia caused by Staphylococcus aureus: a multistate analysis with follow-up beyond hospital discharge
  25. Incentives for Dentists in Public Service: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
  26. International trade and the incentive for merger
  27. Has payment by results affected the way that English hospitals provide care? Difference-in-differences analysis
  28. Health and Economic Impacts of Antibiotic Resistance in European Hospitals – Outlook on the BURDEN Project
  29. Choice of contracts in the British National Health Service: An empirical study
  30. Treatment intensity and provider remuneration: dentists in the British National Health Service
  31. Measuring access to health services: General Dental Services in Scotland
  32. Third party purchasing of health services: Patient choice and agency
  33. The Existence and Nature of Physician Agency: Evidence of Stinting from the British National Health Service
  34. Cost sharing in health service provision: an empirical assessment of cost savings
  35. Expenditure on the NHS in Perspective
  36. Chapter 15 Government purchasing of health services
  37. Learning and Asymmetric Business Cycles
  38. Contracting for Health Services with Unmonitored Quality
  39. Contracting for health services when patient demand does not reflect quality
  40. An explicit solution for dynamic menu costs with zero discounting
  41. Competition in NHS quasi-markets
  42. Contracts for the National Health Service
  43. Monopsony Wage Determination and Multiple Unemployment Equilibria in a Non- Linear Search Model
  44. 1992 and the UK Labour Market
  45. The Economics of Imperfect Information.
  46. Adaptive Job Search and Null Offers: A Model of Quantity Constrained Search
  47. Contracts, Information and Incentives in Health Care
  48. Contracts, Information and Incentives in Health Care