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  1. Introduction to “Challenges and Opportunities in the Design of ‘Next-Generation Assessments of 21st Century Skills’” Special Issue
  2. Using Evidence-Centered Design to Support the Development of Culturally and Linguistically Sensitive Collaborative Problem-Solving Assessments
  3. The Validity of Inferences From Locally Developed Assessments Administered Globally
  4. Bridging Validity and Evaluation to Match International Large-Scale Assessment Claims and Country Aims
  5. Insights Into Using TOEIC ® Test Scores to Inform Human Resource Management Decisions
  6. An Exploratory Analysis of Differential Item Functioning and Its Possible Sources in a Higher Education Admissions Context
  7. A Multilevel Factor Analysis of Third-Party Evaluations of Noncognitive Constructs Used in Admissions Decision Making
  8. A Literature Review on Collaborative Problem Solving for College and Workforce Readiness
  9. Further Thoughts on “How Task Features Impact Evidence from Assessments Embedded in Simulations and Games”