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  1. Adding Ln-MOFs on the fungal ultrastructure make them bright.
  2. Obtaining gold microtubes using microorganisms as biotemplate
  3. Controlling the energy transfer in lanthanide–organic frameworks for the production of white-light emitting materials
  4. Ultrasound‐Assisted Synthesis of Hybrid Vanadium Oxide/Polyaniline Nanowires
  5. Iron oxide nanoparticles and VOx/Hexadecylamine nanotubes composite
  6. Magnetic characterization of vanadium oxide/polyaniline nanotubes
  7. Influence of Ni doping on vanadium oxide/hexadecylamine multiwall nanotubes
  8. Redox behavior of nanohybrid material with defined morphology: Vanadium oxide nanotubes intercalated with polyaniline
  9. Electrochemical and kinetic studies of lithium intercalation in composite nanofibers of vanadium oxide/polyaniline
  10. Nanofibers composite vanadium oxide/polyaniline: synthesis and characterization of an electroactive anisotropic structure
  11. Materiais para cátodos de baterias secundárias de lítio
  12. Electrochemical and chromogenic relaxation processes in polyaniline films
  13. Effect of Additives in the Stabilization of the α Phase of Ni(OH)[sub 2] Electrodes
  14. Microgravimetric study of the influence of the solvent on the redox properties of polypyrrol modified electrodes
  15. Técnicas in situ de baixo custo em eletroquímica: a microbalança a cristal de quartzo